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Free your mainframe, future-proof your business. Moving to a mainframe-as-a-service (MFaaS) solution protects your mission-critical data and increases agility while reducing costs immediately.

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Enjoy the strength and computing power of the mainframe —  and let Ensono worry about everything else.

Mainframe-as-a-Service is a monthly subscription model that solves the challenges of your aging mainframe while providing the scalability and flexibility to support your growth. This allows you to align your mainframe capacity with your unique business requirements, while reducing costs and enjoy the latest hardware and support with even greater security.

MFaaS gives you the processing might and speed of your traditional mainframe, without the expensive overhead and maintenance headaches.

  • CheckmarkReduce costs and lower TCO with a monthly MFaaS subscription
  • CheckmarkMove aging mainframes and data centers off your balance sheet
  • CheckmarkAvoid upfront transition costs on hosted mainframe services and infrastructure


With MFaaS, you can scale capacity up or down according to your changing requirements, with no hidden fees or surprises. Ensono Flex® is built into all contracts, allowing you to shift workloads across platforms with no penalty.

Predictable costs

MFaaS contracts charge a fixed monthly cost to operate and maintain. This changes your mainframe cost from a capital budget expense (CapEx) to an operating expense (OpEx), freeing budget and staff to support other urgent initiatives.

Maintenance and upgrades

You only pay for compute and storage consumed, not for any maintenance and upgrades to IT infrastructure. And, you have access to 24/7/365 continuous support.


You enjoy improved business continuity and reduced downtime in the event of a mainframe failure or disaster with an MFaaS solution.


You’ll gain greater control with a higher level of security transparency.

Do more with less. Mainframe-as-a-Service can provide immediate savings of 20% or more.

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Aging infrastructure

While most organizations run their mission-critical applications on the mainframe, some have been in use for more than 50 years. Outdated hardware leaves you vulnerable to security risks, costly maintenance and unexpected downtime.

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Skills gap

According to Forrester, organizations have lost 23% of mainframe workers in the last five years, and 63% of those positions remain unfilled. This leaves your mainframe dangerously isolated and unprotected without internal expertise to help.

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High maintenance costs

Infrastructure and licensing expenses for mainframe rise each year as technology changes and systems get older. Supporting aging systems ties up capital that could be used for innovation and differentiation initiatives.

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There are the hidden risks when a vendor retires software, frameworks and applications that the mainframe use. You risk using unsupported hardware or finding an expensive replacement solution quickly.

Choose the right MFaaS solution for your organization.

Enono’s MFaaS hosting models can help you achieve both short- and long-term goals by reducing costs and providing a flexible foundation for your hybrid IT. You can choose from a variety of outsourced mainframe hosting models, or remote solutions using Ensono’s expert support team.

Fully managed hosting

Fully managed hosting allows you to focus on your core business and bottom line— not the challenges of operating, maintaining and upgrading your infrastructure. Move data centers off your books to free capital and bandwidth, while you enjoy the latest hardware, software and upgrades, all managed by Ensono’s expert team in our facilities.

Remote hosting

Ensono’s remote hosting solution gives you the support services you need to boost performance without migration so you can ensure business continuity, reduce complexity and optimize workloads.

RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management)

Ensono’s cloud native strategies accelerate the journey to your ideal state. With discovery workshops and realistic transformation plans, we help you articulate business cases for transformation and gain stakeholder buy-in.

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