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IBM i-as-a-Service  

Ensono’s managed services can dramatically improve iSeries performance while freeing up your in-house IT team for innovation.

Future-proof your IBM i environment

You rely on your IBM systems to run mission-critical workloads and applications. But as your IBM i or AS/400 environments age, you’ll have a harder time ensuring their performance and meeting business demands. 

Outdated UX, rising costs and a lack of integration with other systems can impact your ability to scale and launch new revenue streams quickly.  

It’s even more challenging to maintain your IBM environment if your IT team is small, or your AS/400 experts are retiring. If you don’t have 24/7 monitoring, you’re staring down performance and security issues.

  • CheckmarkEnsure always-on availability and boost system performance.
  • CheckmarkSee six-figure CapEx savings.
  • CheckmarkIncrease the scalability and flexibility of your services — without increasing your IT team’s workloads.
  • CheckmarkEliminate security gaps that put your employees and customers at risk.
  • CheckmarkGain visibility across your entire iSeries ecosystem.

Modernize iSeries 

As an IT leader, you’re charged with balancing your legacy and cloud platforms. We can optimize your IBM environment or migrate AS/400 to the cloud — helping you leverage emerging technologies and adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.

Get a dedicated iSeries team 

It’s hard to find and retain iSeries experts. When you partner with Ensono, you will get a dedicated team that handles your day-to-day maintenance, monitoring and security. Our certified professionals will serve as an extension of your IT team —enhancing your iSeries performance while freeing up your staff’s time to focus on other projects.  

Lower your operations costs 

Ensono lowers the costs of running your mission-critical applications by streamlining your environment, providing you with greater cost transparency, and allowing you to leverage economies of scale. When you partner with Ensono, you can reduce your AS/400 or IBM i total cost of ownership by 15%.

Ensono has the expertise and resources to manage, migrate and optimize even the largest IBM i environment.

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Improve application performance

Modernizing your AS/400 or IBM i platform will provide users with a better experience that can boost your organization’s productivity and revenue. When you partner with Ensono, you can achieve these results without all the work. We keep your hardware and OS updated with the latest versions so you can improve application performance, automate time-consuming processes and increase your organization’s efficiencies. 

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Gain greater visibility into your iSeries environment

We use the Ensono Envision® governance platform to gain deeper levels of insight into your iSeries environment. The platform collects a continuous stream of data on your iSeries performance. We use this data to minimize incidents and improve your applications’ reliability, availability and security. The platform can also help us lower your costs by simplifying and standardizing your environment.

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Prepare for the unexpected 

Disruptions to your business can occur at any time. If your IBM environment is old and unsupported, you may experience downtime. Ensono will keep your platforms updated so that you can give users the high levels of availability and uptime they expect from IBM.

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Stay ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape

Aging systems have security gaps that bad actors exploit. That’s why Ensono identifies five areas of risk each quarter and tailors our managed security services to protect your organization from new threats. We offer proactive monitoring and patching along with firewall management, network-based IPS/IDS, encryption and other managed security services. 

Scale at your own pace

Many vendors demand that you buy a new system, even if you only need greater capacity. Ensono gives you the flexibility to scale your IT environment up or down to meet changing business demands. 

With Ensono, you can optimize your current technology or move your applications to a managed private cloud on IBM® Power Systems™ servers. Our IBM i Cloud will give you the exact amount of CPU, RAM and storage that you need. Then, you can quickly scale as your business requirements change.

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IBM i as-a-Service resources 

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