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AWS Managed Services

Boost application performance, drive efficiencies and achieve your transformation goals with Ensono’s certified, comprehensive Amazon Web Services (AWS) management.

Awards, certifications + accreditations

Realize business objectives through AWS cloud.

Too many organizations are overpaying for the cloud — and underutilizing its potential. As a long-standing AWS expert, Ensono’s AWS managed services are designed to help you make the most of your public cloud environment, creating a highly available, efficient, compliant, cost-effective and secure platform built to achieve your business goals.

Cloud technology is constantly evolving. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Migration Competency Partner with hundreds of certifications and accreditations, we stay on the cutting edge of AWS cloud computing solutions, so you don’t have to. With almost a decade of AWS experience, we’ve forged a partnership that enables us to work alongside account teams to strategize on your behalf. Ensono works within the AWS framework to deliver operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization. AWS cloud offers endless potential for innovation and transformation — we help your organization take advantage of it.

  • CheckmarkLeverage our expertise as one of 200 certified migration consulting partners globally, an AWS Audited Managed Services Partner, Advanced Consulting Partner and Public Sector Partner with 175 certifications and 700+ accreditations
  • CheckmarkCultivate a highly available, secure and efficient public cloud platform
  • CheckmarkMaintain high performance and adapt to new changes with ongoing AWS managed services

Deep-rooted AWS partnership

As part of the AWS Partner Network, Ensono is an audited MSP, Advanced Consulting Partner and a Migration Competency Partner. The strong global relationship we’ve established with AWS is backed by a proven track record of AWS migrations. Our team of AWS professionals will empower you to work faster and smarter in the digital era.

Cloud Transform Framework

Ensono’s thorough, proven framework guides you through a smooth AWS migration. We ensure every application is accounted for, help you navigate cloud adoption complexities and open the door for ongoing innovation.

Hybrid support

Our cross-platform expertise translates to fully optimized hybrid cloud environments. We leverage the strengths of AWS for the right applications, and give you a complete view of your technology environment through Ensono Envision®.

Don’t just move to the cloud — transform your business to keep up with market changes.

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Reach peak performance

Moving business-critical applications to AWS can be risky without proper management. Ensono’s AWS services help you navigate AWS migration processes to unlock the power of cloud computing. While the capacity of on-premise workloads has a clear cap, AWS offers unlimited burst capability, enabling infinite scalability and agility to tackle surges in business while only paying for used capacity. Make high-powered applications more reliable and available with strategic cloud design, and protect your information through automated, high-grade security practices. We assess your technology ecosystem and work with you — and AWS — to build an intentional environment around your needs.

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Access AWS expertise

Ensono’s long history in business technology started in the data center. As technology evolved, so did we, remaining on the cutting edge of cloud technology and continuously evolving our AWS managed services. In an increasingly digital, remote-first business environment, we modernize your infrastructure to help you adapt — deploying tactics like lift and optimize, replatforming and refactoring to transition your applications to a cloud-driven landscape.

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Continue cloud evolution

We use a fully automated landing zone and follow AWS best practices to set you up for cloud success, but AWS migration is just a starting point. Through flexible fully managed or co-managed approaches, our experts ensure your environment is optimized so you can leverage the complete benefits of AWS cloud computing, building applications and accessing data warehouse analytics that power ongoing innovation. The cloud is more than just a modern data center, and we help you adjust operations to harness its potential and achieve your business goals.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Ensono is certified to perform AWS Well-Architected Reviews, working with clients through the framework’s five pillars: security, cost optimization, reliability, performance efficiency and operational excellence. Our experts help you capitalize on the full potential of AWS cloud computing, propelling you past your cloud objectives and ensuring your architecture is aligned with platform best practices.

Mainframe Application and Data Migration to AWS

Ensono has decades of mainframe experience running, optimizing and modernizing business critical mainframe systems for our clients. Our Mainframe Consulting team and our ExperThinkTM AI automated refactoring toolset, combined with Universal Data ConverterTM, our legacy data conversion software, enables us to convert and migrate mainframe applications to AWS. Our experts optimize workloads for AWS and deploy them into production with seamless cutover. We enable a new lease of life for your business applications off the mainframe and on AWS by converting them to Java, C# or COBOL.NET, with relational and PaaS databases in the AWS cloud. To learn more visit ExperSolve an Ensono Company’s site here.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Avoid the risks of rushing to the cloud by migrating and extending your on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to AWS cloud. This scalable, secure service allows you to exit the data center quickly while leveraging the latest VMware technologies, reducing the learning curve of cloud adoption and continuing to access key applications.

AWS Managed Relational Database (RDS) Service

As companies modernize their IT environments, they are embracing the cloud by replacing their on-premises databases and migrating them to the cloud using Amazon’s Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Using Amazon RDS, Ensono can migrate and modernize legacy databases to the cloud quickly and securely, giving you the performance, scalability, and availability needed to support your most critical applications.

Ensono and Amazon RDS provides you with six familiar database engines to choose from, including MySQL, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database and SQL Server. Ensono is an Audited Managed Services Partner, Consulting and Public Sector Partner for AWS backed by over 135 AWS certifications and over 600 AWS accreditations with deep expertise and experience with Amazon RDS and other transformation projects enabled by AWS’ wide array of innovative services.

AWS Migration Services

Your business deserves a seamless and uninterrupted journey to the cloud. Partnering with Ensono, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, you will have a team of expert engineers, architects and consultants to help you plan, design, deploy and execute your migration to AWS.

Predictive Monitoring

In traditional monitoring, events and automated alerts are generated when thresholds are breached. However, by the time alerts are generated and responded to, the possibility that the breaches have become real problems is high. Ideally monitoring should be able to assess which potential issues are likely to become real problems, and alerts generated with enough lead time to act.

Ensono uses predictive monitoring – employing machine learning, forecasting and predictive modelling to identify potential issues within your public cloud infrastructure early, enabling us to respond quickly and reduce downtime.

Predictive monitoring is based on learning historical trends in monitoring data and applying machine learning models to forecast where a metric is headed in future. We can visualize expected trends and specify how far in advance to get alerted about potential issues.

A simple example of where predictive monitoring is useful is disk usage. We can set up predictive monitoring and forecast alert to automatically get notified a certain amount of time before a server runs out of disk space.

Please Note:

Ensono’s predictive and anomaly detection capabilities leverage Datadog functionality. Datadog enterprise is our standard monitoring tool for AWS and Azure.

Anomaly Detection Monitoring

Some of the most valuable metrics to monitor are also the most variable depending on seasons, month, day of the week, time of the day, extraordinary events etc. These fluctuations can make it exceedingly difficult to set sensible thresholds for alerting or investigation.

Anomaly detection can identify when a metric is behaving differently than it has in the past, considering trends, seasonal, and time patterns. It is well-suited for metrics with strong trends and recurring patterns that are hard to monitor with threshold-based alerting.

Anomaly detection is based on analyzing a metric’s historical behavior and applying machine learning models, to distinguish between normal and abnormal metric trends. This can also help in reducing false positives based on linear thresholds.

A simple example where anomaly detection is useful is load monitoring. For example, for a server used for a business application, the load will peak during the business hours, drops at night and potentially a prolonged lull on the weekends and over the holiday periods.

Please Note:

Ensono’s predictive and anomaly detection capabilities leverage Datadog functionality. Datadog enterprise is our standard monitoring tool for AWS and Azure.

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