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Ensono Database Management

Let our certified experts handle your database migrations, configurations, backups, security, and on-going maintenance. Ensono Database Management serves as your strategic ally and aligns to your data management initiatives, whether it’s in the public cloud, hosted in a colocation data center, or on premise.

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Optimize your databases to meet current and future business needs

Changes to your databases — like migrating to the cloud or getting a massive influx of data — can lead to latency, downtime and security breaches.  The more users and technology you add to your IT environment, the harder it is to ensure your databases’ security and performance. And, if your IT team is small, overworked, or lack the in-house cloud database expertise it’s tough to scale and keep pace with business demands.

  • CheckmarkMinimize latency and downtime
  • CheckmarkReduce your costs and increase operational efficiency
  • CheckmarkImprove database security and performance

Enhance database performance 

We’ll monitor your environment 24/7 and keep everything up to date. We review the performance of the database, making suggestions and implementing agreed upon changes to help improve database performance and stability over time. With Ensono, you’ll have peace of mind that your databases are always available and operating in top condition. 

Empower your team to innovate 

We work to proactively manage and support databases so that they are performing to meet the needs of the business. This reduces your teams operational burden so they spend less time managing the databases and allows you to focus time driving transformation.

Succeed with digital transformation 

Ensono can do more than solve your database management challenges. We offer a full suite of services to support you throughout your digital transformation journey — whether you are migrating to the cloud or moving across multiple environments.

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Avoid costly failures and downtime 

Every minute your database is down puts your business at risk. Downtime impacts revenue, reduces productivity, affects brand reputation, and then there are recovery costs. That’s why we monitor your databases 24/7 to ensure they are stable. If we see a problem, we will take immediate action to prevent it from impacting your business.

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Ensono Gives you choices

You can run your databases that are on premise, hosted in a data center, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid environments. We have expertise migrating, deploying, and managing databases in all of these environments and can deliver a solution that meets your business needs. Get the support you need for a fast and seamless migration —whether you are moving to the cloud, a new platform or an open-source solution.  

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Protect your organization from threats

Installing patches is time-consuming. If your team is busy with other initiatives, it’s easy to miss a critical update. Ensono will handle all of your patches and updates so you can focus on your core business objectives while we keep your database architecture secure. 

Cloud DBA Managed Service

According to Gartner, 50% of all databases will migrate to the cloud by the end of 2022. What is driving this transformation are the advantages in scalability, reliability, security, reduced costs and ease of management. However, many clients lack the in-house cloud database expertise and find themselves falling behind.

Ensono’s Cloud DBA Managed Service addresses the skill gap between an organization’s current resources and its strategic database initiatives. Ensono’s Cloud DBA Managed Service provides cloud DBA experts to oversee the proactive and reactive services you need to manage your cloud native databases, improve database security, increase performance, optimize cost, and increase overall reliability.

Whereas traditional infrastructure DBAs focus on optimizing within the confines of the infrastructure, Ensono Cloud DBAs are skilled in Platform-as-a-Service database technologies, ready to take on an advisory role, focusing on design and architecture while optimizing cost and performance.

Ensono currently supports Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL and AWS RDS Managed Instances. Future enhancements will add support of other PaaS database platforms and AWS.

Cloud DBA Managed Service key outcomes

What’s included with your database management services?

  • Software installation and patching 
  • Database administration and maintenance 
  • 24/7 monitoring and support 
  • System database troubleshooting 
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Backup and recovery 
  • Support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases
  • Access to Ensono’s team of expert architects, engineers and application and system DBAs

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Database management resources

Learn more about what database management services can do for your business.

Improve your database’s stability, security and performance —while freeing your IT team’s time for transformation.