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Hybrid Cloud Security Consulting

When it comes to cyber threats, it’s not a question of if it will happen, but when and how bad. Is your organization truly prepared?

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Cyber security consulting: improve your security posture and reduce risk

Is your organization spending more than ever on security, but feeling less secure? 65% of senior IT executives believe security and compliance risks are the greatest barriers to realizing the benefits of cloud.[1] Many organizations are actively ignoring significant risk due to a lack of holistic security visibility, waning internal expertise or insufficient dedicated staff, and real-time, accessible and actionable tools. The business impact of a weak security program is real: it can cause unexpected downtime, lost productivity and damage to your reputation and bottom line. Ensono’s suite of security consulting services can fill vital gaps in your security profile.


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Stay ahead of the rapidly-changing threat landscape

Ensono offers an integrated suite of Security Advisory + Consulting assessments and managed security services to help you reduce risk and create a sustainable business advantage, while accelerating transformation.

Prioritized recommendations

Each aspect of our assessment of your existing security maturity is ranked and prioritized, so when hard choices need to be made you know where to begin.

Keeping in compliance

Maintaining compliance, particularly in highly regulated verticals like healthcare, finance and government, can be complex and time-consuming. Our recommendations can help you put in place the optimal infrastructure and processes to ensure on-going compliance with the latest regulations.

The root of many security issues isn’t just technology, but people and processes.

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Skills gap

You don’t have to build out your IT department or add to your payroll to get the cyber security you need. We become part of your organization to deliver the level of expertise you require to keep your IT environment safe, secure and compliant — with our knowledge not only of your business but of hundreds of other clients across a wide variety of verticals.

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Measuring progress

Organizations worry about their ability to baseline security and track their improvement over time. Strengthening security postures is imperative as attacks increase in volume, complexity, and severity. It’s critical to maintain an updated, regularly assessed security program.

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Most organizations are subject to annual audits, often by external bodies who provide certifications that are essential to an organization’s standing in the market. In highly regulated industries this is a key concern. Whether subject to PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO27001 standards and regulations, conducting a regular assessment of security maturity provides evidence to auditors of the organization’s ongoing security stance and compliance.

Hybrid or multi-cloud environments

Each provider has different security controls and policies, which can lead to gaps in monitoring. Assessing your level of security maturity across these environments helps detect which are providing stronger controls and enable targeted leveling-up across your integrated environment.

Security maturity assessment

We offer a broad assessment of your current security state, including existing controls and processes. To achieve a high level of prevention, detection, and response, organizations need to shift their mindset to a security-first approach. As security risks affect all parts of an organization, a high level of security maturity is essential to ensure key areas are protected.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

We provide the expert IT security resources you need without adding to your permanent payroll. Whether you need help part- or full-time, onsite or remote, we can establish your optimal security setup, your organization’s roles and responsibilities, IT policies, implementation and more.

Penetration testing

We’ll conduct authorized simulated attacks on your systems to ensure that your organization’s infrastructure, web-facing applications, internal networks, devices and more are all secure. These are the same tools, techniques and processes that threat actors use, and this testing identifies weaknesses in your systems and controls.

Ensono’s team of expert security consultants, including former CISOs, offers a broad range of enterprise level security consulting services to assess and protect your organization. We make actionable recommendations to enhance your controls, processes, and security automation, ensuring compliance.

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To protect, detect and defend your organization from threats, you must first assess, plan and monitor.