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Ensono Flex®: Free Workload Migration

Endless flexibility, powering true hybrid IT for your business

Flexible workload migration services

IT moves fast. The right platform or license today might not be the right one tomorrow. IT is an always-evolving journey that requires flexibility to address problems as they arise, and as your organization’s goals change.

Ensono stands behind you as a true hybrid IT provider and ally. Our deep expertise in cloud, legacy, and hybrid solutions means that we can quickly understand your business needs and provide a technical solution to meet them. And, we can pivot that expertise and technical solution in any way you need to meet your goals.

With Ensono Flex, companies unlock complete freedom and flexibility in workload migration and workload shifting. They can shift workloads across any of our service platforms, including mainframe, distributed systems, data centers, private and public cloud. And they can do that with no penalties, and no long-term lock-in.

Pick the right workload migration solution for now. Worry about later, later.

Timing is everything in IT. Some projects are more pressing than others, and don’t necessarily have a long-term outlook. In some cases, it makes sense to move applications to the cloud to provide immediate saving, stability, or results. For many vendors, this short-term decision would have long-term commitments attached to it.

Ensono Flex is different. You don’t have to worry about next steps or what type of infrastructure makes sense years from now. Instead, you can make the right decision now, change your mind later, or fully commit to that path when you’re ready. It’s your choice.

Workload migration services that offer true flexibility

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Drive smarter and faster transformation

Transformation means different things, at different stages, to different companies. Ensono Flex supports companies where they are today, for where they want to be tomorrow and years from now. Make the right decision for short-term projects, without having to make long-term commitments based on incomplete data or roadmaps. 

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Avoid vendor or platform lock-in

Organizations can only make the right choice with the information they have. IT moves fast, and solutions evolve. The speed of innovation in IT means that lock-in simply doesn’t make sense. Companies need choices that will help them avoid having to stack and pay for various types of vintage systems that don’t provide the long-term support they need.

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Pick the right execution venues

Ensono Flex lets you move all or part of your IT ecosystem to new execution venues when it’s to your advantage. But workload migration is only half the battle. You also need to ensure that the IT estates—and its various components—work together harmoniously. That comes from working with a trusted partner that understands your business, and puts your needs first.

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Optimize your IT for now and tomorrow

IT teams have a lot to juggle. They need to optimize their ecosystems for cost, security, resilience, performance, and agility. And they need to account for today’s needs, tomorrow’s potential, and next year’s unforeseen obstacles. The only way to maintain that level of optimization is through complete flexibility.


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