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Providing Flexibility for your Business’ Future

Brian Klingbeil

Brian Klingbeil
Chief Strategy Officer

An immediate or imminent IT modernization concern is often the impetus for clients to come to us. We’re here to solve those problems; we transform their legacy systems to meet current needs. But technology moves fast, making IT an always-evolving journey rather than a fix-it-and-forget-it proposition.

Problems frequently arise when your organization’s circumstances change again. No one wants to devote budget dollars to a project only to learn it paid for a solution that won’t be right for them in six months or a year or five years. As a true hybrid IT provider and ally, we understand the changing nature of IT needs, and we’ve built our own business model to support those changes. In every client contract, we offer what we call Ensono® FlexSM, which allows clients to shift workloads across our any of our service platforms—including changes between mainframe, distributed systems, data centers, and private and public cloud—throughout our engagement without financial penalties. This flexibility helps drive transformation for clients while ensuring they’re never locked into inappropriate or outdated IT venues.

Ensono evolves with technology

When an enterprise creates a new application, they look for the best and most appropriate execution venue available to them at the time. Twenty years ago, the options were limited. Perhaps building a computer room and buying servers may have been best-in-class technology for your app, and maybe it still is. But there’s more to consider now that those options have multiplied in the ensuing years. The emergence of colocation space, managed service providers, the cloud and SaaS has provided an array of choices, and left businesses with various types and vintages of systems. Ensono is committed to moving your IT to newer execution venues when it’s to your advantage, but more importantly, to finding ways to make your entire IT estate, and its various execution venues, work together harmoniously. We aim to ensure your IT is optimized from the perspective of costs, security, resiliency, performance—and agility.

Why do I need Flex?

When a client seeks to migrate any workloads or applications to another platform, our Advisory and Consulting practice typically conducts an assessment. This can offer rich information about your full IT estate that helps create a long-term roadmap for your organization. But as in the aforementioned scenario, some projects are more pressing than others. Maybe you need to get your applications moved to the public cloud to provide immediate savings and greater stability. You don’t have the time to worry about the next steps, or whether the private cloud makes more sense a few years down the line. Ensono gives you that freedom, helping you accomplish what you need now to keep things running, and helps move you to the next level whenever you’re ready.

How do we help your organization evolve?

In theory, flexibility is great, but how does it work in the real world? Think about what happened in 2020 when the pandemic hit. The IT systems of so many industries were hit hard, including—perhaps especially—state governments. As unemployment rose and residents filed for unemployment, states saw unprecedented site traffic and claims, and systems failed. These governments recognized falling tax revenue and budgets would surely follow.

The first step for many organizations, in this scenario, is to outsource the problem to realize immediate savings and get a quick fix. But signing a five-year contract in desperation can often compromise your future by locking your organization in to an execution venue that won’t be appropriate down the road. Not only does Ensono want to give you the flexibility to make necessary changes later, but we provide the consulting team to help you do it—without additional charge.

What motivates us?

We’ve built our business on this very idea of flexibility. That’s why we have such varied options in our portfolio and commit to championing digital transformation or the right workload, on the right platform and at the right time. We’ll always be a trusted advisor, nurturing long-term relationships with clients, and encouraging what’s best for your organization, even when it means lower revenues for us.

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