Security Services

Ensure efficient security and compliance with proactive strategy.

Security Services

Get a more efficient security spend without jeopardizing your risks and improve your ability to meet compliance audits.

  • Dedicated and utility offerings to align with CapEx and OpEx financial models
  • Close collaboration with application and infrastructure teams
  • Policies and procedures based on ISO27001
  • Expertise with PCI, COBIT, NIST and other industry standards


Hybrid DDoS Mitigation Services

Be prepared with a proactive approach to attacks, so you can minimize costs and reduce the risk of related security breaches.

  • The ability to handle large attacks (100s of Gbps)
  • DDoS Security Operations Center staffed 24/7 with specialists
  • Continuous peacetime and “during attack” signaling
  • Automatic diversion of traffic via cloud scrubbing center
  • Data center detection, mitigation appliances and high-capacity scrubbing center


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