Disaster Recovery

Ensure business application continuity and peace of mind to free your team up.

Protect Your Business-Critical Applications

We’ll consult with your stakeholders to provision for successful application failover, so that your applications are always in the best hands.



Dedicated Capacity Guarantee

Our dedicated capacity guarantees your disaster recovery is always a priority. And our flexible solutions and testing schedules give you an array of RPO/RTO options to meet your business objectives. 

  • A menu of solutions for any budget
  • Flexible testing options to minimize disruption
  • Revise and improve your disaster recovery plans through continual testing

Assured Continuity Benefits

Your business relies on the continuous availability of your critical applications. Cyber attacks, natural catastrophes and hardware failures are just some of the events that can threaten your business’s stability. You need a reliable partner who can protect your business when disaster strikes. Assured Continuity utilizes our unparalleled expertise and technology to ensure your business outcomes in the occurrence of a disaster recovery event.

  • Documentation and maintenance of critical application recovery plans
  • Highly automated fail-over to a second site
  • Initial and ongoing disaster recovery testing for continuity

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