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Make mainframe an integral part of your existing DevOps pipeline

Make Mainframe an Integral Part of Your Existing DevOps Pipeline

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, a modernization value path adds new capabilities, innovates and drives agility, and improves outcomes.  Pursue a value path in any combination, based on your needs and targeted outcomes. Each step on a path funds and propels the next step and future transformation. 

Now: Modern App Tooling

  • Modern application development tooling environment within mainframe
  • Move from old green screen technology to a modern, integrated development environment
  • Intuitive, secure reporting and visualization tools: Give developers the tools they want and are comfortable with

What you get? Developer productivity. Reduce risk of retiring mainframe expertise.

Next: Modern App Testing

  • Incorporate automated testing to standardize processes and protocols for greater efficiency
  • Provides infrastructure required to allow for testing off the mainframe, reducing MIPS cost

What you get? Reduce overhead. Increase automation.


Then: Mainframe in Enterprise Devops

  • Plug mainframe gaps in DevOps
  • Incorporate mainframe fully into DevOps pipeline as part of enterprise application development lifecycle
  • Provision environment on mainframe to modernize approach to mainframe source code and deploy full array of DevOps tooling

What you get? Speed development lifecycle.  Reduce risk.

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