API-Driven IT Modernization

Connect, Integrate, Manage: API Value Path Fuels Innovation

Connect, Integrate, Manage: API Value Path Fuels Innovation

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, a modernization value path adds new capabilities, innovates and drives agility, and improves outcomes.  Pursue a value path in any combination, based on your needs and targeted outcomes. Each step on a path funds and propels the next step and future transformation. 

Now: API Connectivity (with IBM z/OS Connect EE)

  • Infrastructure for REST API to make Z apps and data central to your Hybrid Cloud strategy
  • Enables clients to call APIs from Z apps to enhance them with the power of cloud native functions 

What you get? Integrate apps and data faster. Monitor, control and audit APIs.


Next: API Integrations

  • Integrate enterprise-wide APIs to build enterprise-wide applications by “stitching” together a variety of APIs
  • Improve connectivity between data and systems

What you get? Simplify business processes. Enhance performance. Increase business value.


Then: API Management

  • Centralizing and overseeing internal and public APIs in a secure and scalable environment
  • Create and enforce levels of usage, access, compliance, security

What you get? Dependable, flexible and fast management.

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