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Ensono Will Lead Sonoco™s Migration to a Hybrid Cloud Environment to Support Geographic Expansion

Ensono was selected by Sonoco (NYSE:SON), one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, to lead its IT migration from the mainframe to hybrid cloud, leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure and Ensono Cloud, Ensono’s secure private cloud.

With more than 300 operations in 33 countries and serving customers in 85 nations, Sonoco faced a pressing global need for standardized, consistent quality of support and agility for its IT environment. Prior to its decision to migrate to hybrid cloud, Sonoco partnered with Ensono for nearly a decade, initially leveraging Ensono’s mainframe management services. When Sonoco began to expand its global presence, it relied on Ensono to build a cloud-first strategy. Cloud data centers provide improved reach, allowing Sonoco to bring acquisitions into the IT fold more quickly, reducing the number of disparate IT solutions. As it continues to execute a global growth strategy, a hybrid cloud environment will provide Sonoco with the flexibility to operate consistently and at scale in Europe, Asia and South America.

Additionally, a hybrid cloud model provides Sonoco with economic value so it can direct costs toward new developments focused on improving customer outcomes, which includes deploying sensors on printing machines to better understand bottlenecks in production, as well as data analytics incorporating IoT-based insights for Sonoco’s clients.

“Ensono has been a vital partner to Sonoco in our long history of mainframe, network and distributed computing management,” said Ben Chan, CIO and vice president of global IT at Sonoco. “Their flexibility in allowing us to transition between platforms and deep Microsoft Azure managed services expertise furthered our confidence that they will take us in the right direction. Optimizing IT costs and increasing investments toward innovations in IoT and production were key drivers behind our transformation to the cloud, and Ensono’s Azure managed public cloud services allows us to focus on strategic business vision while they do the DevOps work to keep us running.”

Ensono will help Sonoco execute its right workload, right platform global strategy, moving a high volume of applications to the Azure public cloud. Systems that cannot be moved to public cloud or need proximity to systems that cannot be moved will be hosted on Ensono Cloud due to its proximity to their legacy hosted systems.

“Ensono has a unique ability to transition with our clients, adapting their IT systems to their current and future needs. I’m honored Sonoco trusted us to continue managing their IT environment, leading its migration from mainframe to hybrid cloud,” said Jeff VonDeylen, CEO at Ensono. “I have no doubt our private cloud environment and Azure expertise, which was furthered by our acquisition of Inframon last year, will be the best solution to keep Sonoco’s systems high performing for years to come.”

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