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Ecommerce Delivery Management Company Migrates to Ensono Cloud

Ensono – Staines, 22 May 2018 – Intersoft, the delivery management and ecommerce web shipping platform, has selected Ensono Cloud, Ensono’s private cloud, to host its new mission critical business software, Intelligent Shipper. The move to managed private cloud will faciliatate the company’s drive for business expansion in a booming ecommerce market, by enabling increased scalability according to customer demand, in a secure and visible environment.

Intersoft, part of the Royal Mail Group, works with ecommerce companies and retailers to seamlessly manage the delivery of goods. From order management to final delivery, the company’s system-agnostic multi-carrier software provides a single bespoke solution for carriers, bringing automation to the entire network.

James Thomas, Managing Director, Intersoft, said; “The retail industry is at the forefront of innovation and the international nature of online marketplaces means demand for management of the delivery network is increasing at an exponential rate. Intersoft has more than trebled turnover in the last three years and the move to Ensono Cloud ensures we have the capability to scale up on demand as we grow into new markets. This partnership with Ensono will ensure that we continue to be the bespoke one click shop for retailers that has made Intersoft the leading delivery management company in the UK.”

The move to private cloud will not only facilitate the company’s security requirements, but will also allow for scaling up and down as necessary with the change in customer demand. This will be essential as the business continues to grow, winning new retail customers and partners, and a managed environment is vital in providing complete transparency and visibility of stored data.

Steve Sneath, Retail Solutions Consultant, Intersoft, added; “Unlike other platforms, Intelligent Shipper puts the customers’ business requirements at the forefront of its mission. From packaging to labels, and everything in between, its multi-use function creates solutions that are tailored and unique to each individual customer. Our customer-centric approach matches very well with Ensono’s own ability to devise a unique solution for their clients, making this the ideal partnership for Intersoft.”

Paul Morris, Managing Director – Europe, Ensono said;  “Intersoft’s Intelligent Shipper platform is at the heart of the delivery network for ecommerce and retailers across the UK. Ensono Cloud will play a significant role as the company looks to expand and enter new markets. We are excited to be able to work closely with Intersoft and bring Ensono’s proven ability to manage business critical IT systems.”

About Ensono

For business leaders managing lots of complexity or disrupting the status quo, Ensono delivers complete Hybrid IT services and governance, from cloud to mainframe, tailored to each client’s journey. Whether you’re leveraging the power of the cloud or modernizing legacy technologies, you’ll be on track to operate for today and optimize for tomorrow. Named a Top 15 Sourcing Service Provider by ISG, some of the world’s most successful companies rely on us to help them be great at what they do. Ensono has over 1,000 associates across North America and Europe and is ranked in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For. Our offices are headquartered in greater Chicago.

About Intersoft

Established in April 1993, Intersoft Systems and Programming Limited, is a cloud-based solution that helps make it easy to integrate with an organisation’s chosen delivery providers. It’s flagship product, Intelligent Shipper, processes millions of Items, is integrated with over 70 carriers, supports over 3,000 carrier services and connects over 200 countries, all in one solution. Intersoft provides instant carrier label creation, intelligent tracking and visibility, seamless integrations, branded returns portal, in-depth reporting offering customers a bespoke, scalable and reliable delivery management and ecommerce web shipping platform. Intersoft became part of the Royal Mail Group in 2016.

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