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Making IT Modernization More Manageable for Insurance Companies

Insurance customers are clear about their expectations: frictionless experiences, anytime, anywhere, through any channel. Yet, a significant barrier stands in the way for many – the weight of legacy technology and the debt that comes with it for insurance carriers. It’s not just about keeping pace; it’s about setting the pace in a highly competitive landscape.

Recent findings by Ensono shed light on a critical gap: while customers demand transparency, simplicity, and personalized service, insurers are held back by outdated systems. With 50% of tech decision-makers prioritizing mainframe modernization and 31% aiming to rejuvenate their legacy systems, the message is clear – transformation is not just necessary; it’s urgent.

Dive into our thought starter and discover how Ensono’s modern, cloud-connected mainframe approach is helping insurance companies bridge the gap from legacy limitations to a future of endless possibilities. Begin your journey to a modern, efficient, and customer-centric operation today.

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