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How to Choose Your Mainframe Modernization Strategy

Best practices


Make mainframe part of a future-proofed IT ecosystem

IT decision-makers face pressure to cut costs, improve performance and enhance security — all while preparing their organizations for the future. While many think of the mainframe as legacy technology, this computing system plays a big role in modern IT environments. From strong security to powerful performance, mainframe offers a long list of benefits. And according to recent BMC data, 90% of executive and technical professionals view the mainframe as a long-term platform for growth.

But as you plot your path forward and consider mainframe modernization services, where do you start? Ensono is here to help kick off your digital transformation journey. In this tip sheet, our mainframe experts answer your questions and provide a roadmap to modernization, helping you:

  • Discover the value of mainframe in a modern IT ecosystem
  • Evaluate your mainframe and migration options
  • Choose a mainframe modernization strategy for your organization

With the right approach to mainframe modernization services, this legacy computing system can become a valuable part of your enhanced IT environment. Often a lower time and financial investment than full cloud migration, mainframe modernization allows you to focus on strategic priorities.

Successful modernization relies on the right strategy. Download the tip sheet to find yours.“There is significant value in staying on the mainframe. Mainframes process billions of secure transactions for mission-critical applications, such as in finance, accounting and research, that need a strong backbone for optimal performance.”

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