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The Millennial Mainframer: An Oxymoron?

Jeff Shoup

Jeff Shoup
Mainframe Solution Architecture Leader

It’s hard not to notice the ongoing shift that has been taking place in workforces across the country—the ever growing presence of the millennial generation—which leaves me and my fellow IT decision makers to contemplate how the IT industry is being impacted. Conversely, CIOs are noticing where this shift is not taking place: within the confines of the data center. Just take a look at your company’s mainframe department where an aging workforce is more common than not. 

Unfortunately, once these IT veterans retire, they will take with them knowledge and experience that is extremely difficult to replace. CIOs are now tasked with targeting the millennial generation in order to get them interested, trained and invested in mainframe management careers before the IT veteran workforce moves on. 

So, how do CIOs prepare their organizations for life after the retirement of their long-time and experienced mainframe employees? I recently discussed this topic in an article on Data Center Journal entitled, “The Millennial Mainframer: An Oxymoron?” In my experience, taking into consideration that every IT department is different, there are four options that should be considered immediately—read about them here.

With a little forward-thinking today, IT departments will be able to integrate a workforce that is ready for tomorrow. 


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