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Linux on z vs. Linux x86: Ensono Provides Answers at IBM Edge 2016

Keith Miller

Keith Miller
Senior Manager, Mainframe Services

What makes more sense, running Linux on an IBM System z mainframe—or an x86 server?

Ensono’s Keith Miller will share real-world insights into this question at the upcoming IBM Edge 2016 conference in Las Vegas.

IT Managers considering z Linux environments will learn how a Fortune 500 communication services provider was able to leverage its z Systems environment to accelerate business applications and optimize resources, while simultaneously reducing costs.

“It is a compelling case study,” says Miller. “Our client was able to upgrade the core values they had without swapping out servers to grow the environment.”

Essentially, running the Linux operating system on IBM System z mainframes provides the flexibility of running Linux with the advantages of fault-tolerant mainframe hardware. Here, some workloads run faster on z Linux than on x86 servers due to improvements in clock speed, memory, cache and I/O systems. For example, IBM z13 cores deliver a clock speed of 5.0 GHz – the fastest commercially available — and tops out at 10 TB of memory.

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