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Nothing Dodgy Here: Hybrid IT Just Got Better

William Flannery

William Flannery
Chief Operating Officer

We’ve welcomed Attenda, one of the UK’s top hybrid IT managed services providers, into the Ensono family—and we’re pretty chuffed about it.

These guys know their onions, as they say on that side of the pond.

Attenda’s proficiency in running business-critical cloud applications, coupled with Ensono’s heritage in managing complex workloads on traditional infrastructure, dramatically enhances our ability to bridge the gap between traditional IT and cloud environments.

In short, hybrid IT just got better.

But I’ll take it a step further. I believe that we’re not only making hybrid IT better, we’re actually redefining it.

It’s More Than Intel and the Cloud

Here’s what I mean: When you look at hybrid IT and the market today, you see that almost every provider starts with discrete, Intel-based servers. Then, they take that enterprise customer out to a public cloud environment using Azure or AWS.

What they are missing is that those companies don’t need just Intel and the cloud. They have legacy applications and legacy platforms. They need to go all the way back to their mainframes. Unfortunately, all those big boxes aren’t very sexy. So providers focus on the right side of the market. They’re busy talking about the cloud, but no one is talking about the left side, which is Big Iron and iSeries.

Pastrami on Rye, Anyone?

Ensono’s value proposition is that we handle the entire IT landscape for our enterprise clients. We’re eating the entire sandwich. To us, hybrid IT doesn’t start with Intel and go right to cloud. It includes this older, legacy technology.

Ultimately, we want clients to have the right platform for the right workload. Maybe a year from now, your business changes and that platform is no longer cloud. Now you need dedicated servers, or vice versa. Whatever the case, you need the flexibility to find the best solution across all those platforms.

That’s why we’re so excited about the addition of Attenda. Their V2 platform is a next-generation platform that allows customers to provision and manage their infrastructure via a portal. No longer do you have to call a sales person or sign a bunch of paperwork. You go online to a portal and it dynamically provisions out firewalls and whatever else you need.

It Pays to Be Nimble

Hybrid IT pays off. Take test development. If I’m an enterprise company and I want to start launching new capabilities or services, I go out and buy a bunch of servers. I have to procure them, get the data center space, and then I’ve got to rack ‘em and stack ‘em. Suddenly, I’m three months in and I realize that the application doesn’t do what I wanted it to do. So, I shut it off and try to forget about all that wasted time. With the cloud, you go to Amazon, swipe a credit card, and you’re on in minutes. Now your start-to-finish is weeks versus months.

Staying on top of market shift is another example. There are plenty of companies that have enjoyed a comfortable market share for years. Then, a market mover comes in and disrupts everything. Uber blew up the transportation sector. Amazon blew up retail. It’s because they are able to move quickly. Their infrastructure isn’t holding them back. Enterprises are looking over their shoulders these days for the next Uber. With a hybrid approach, they can be flexible and dynamic enough to stay ahead of the curve.

And Bob’s Your Uncle

I’m not exactly sure who Bob is, but when our newfound friends across the Atlantic say it, they mean “and there you have it.”

When we began our journey last August — and launched the Ensono brand earlier this year — we made a strong commitment to innovation. We promised to deliver solutions that help our clients operate for today, and optimize for tomorrow.

with additional application and hybrid IT capabilities. This includes a hybrid IT service management platform that incorporates AWS and Azure.

Because of that, we’re better able to help clients manage their complex applications and workloads seamlessly across multiple environments.

And there you have it.

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