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Looking Back: Ensono’s First Month

Jeff VonDeylen

Jeff VonDeylen
Chief Executive Officer

It’s been just over one month since we officially launched Ensono and I couldn’t be more proud of what our team has already accomplished. Our mission to deliver technology services that help clients to be great at what they do continues to drive our business and shapes the way we work with our clients, partners and associates. In a short amount of time we’ve made significant strides in growing our new brand, and continue to build on 46 years of success.

New Customers
We continue to grow our customer base and diversify into new industries. And, while we can’t get into the specifics yet, we’re excited to share that recently we’ve attained several new customers in a range of industries, from marketing services to beauty. It’s more than a promising start for Ensono; in fact, one of our employees said, “Never in my career have I seen such an amazing start to a year.”

New Partnerships
Providing clients with best-in-class service is one of our primary goals.  We make it a point to use and enable technology that helps us manage operations efficiently and improve the customer experience. We’ve implemented PMG’s enterprise service software to give clients direct access to an intuitive portal that automates their requests for managing virtual infrastructure in real-time. It’s easy to use, flexible and delivers personalization clients require, not to mention easy to integrate into our existing infrastructure.

New Insights
As we speak with clients and prospective clients, we’ve seen an uptick in interest in mainframe outsourcing. Companies are looking for ways to address the aging workforce and better control escalating software costs. Our track record in mainframe outsourcing coupled with our expertise in optimizing the software and service that each client needs differentiates us from others in the industry. This methodology and approach continues to help us deliver to customers the tools they need to succeed.

New Relationships
As part of the launch, we forged relationships with many industry influencers, including analysts and journalists. The feedback received, not only on our new brand, but on our approach to IT services, was overwhelmingly positive. The launch was covered on a national level by media outlets like CRN, but also by local news sources. We have significant operational and associate presence in Downers Grove, Ill., and Conway, Ark., so seeing our mission and vision shared in local publications such as Arkansas Business and My Suburban Life: Downers Grove helps us continue to nurture the deep roots we’ve planted in these cities.

We’re looking forward to building on a great first month of Ensono. Our employees have done an incredible job delivering technology solutions reliably and collaboratively. If you think we can help optimize your infrastructure, we’d love to hear from you.

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