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What’s In a Name?

Jeff VonDeylen

Jeff VonDeylen
Chief Executive Officer

Today’s launch of Ensono marks the beginning of a new era for hybrid IT services, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The initial response from customers, partners and media outlets who were briefed in advance has been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s no easy task to come up with the perfect name that encapsulates all a company stands for. Associate and client insights and perspectives helped shape the inspiration behind the name. We believe our clients need a partner who sees the future of technology and allows a tectonic shift in their expectations from build-and-feed to dream-and-direct. The name Ensono is derived from the Zen concept enso, which references “strength and creativity,” as well as the Italian expression in sogno, meaning “in dreams.”

Ensono combines more than 46 years of expertise providing IT consulting and outsourcing services with a startup-like passion—building a business that meets current and future IT needs in exciting new ways. Our goal is to unshackle enterprise IT professionals from day-to-day infrastructure management, so that they’re free to spend their time on developing IT solutions necessary to advance their individual organizations’ highest priorities.

Enso: a state wherein the mind is free to let the body create

The concept “enso” hits home for me. Having a clear vision is key for any company to progress. When I first started with this company, I was excited at the prospect and challenge of creating something new from a foundation of excellence. Over the last 46+ years, Ensono has had many successes, having built a reputation within the industry for providing best-in-class services for its clients. When I joined, I saw that there was an opportunity to do more, to help CIOs and IT managers in ways they hadn’t even thought of. To this end, enso rings true to how we plan to progress IT services.

In Sogno: “in dreams”

A great amount of time was spent on how we help CIOs achieve short-term and long-term business goals, or “dreams.” This is why “in sogno” is exactly how our team wants to think—looking ahead. With a seasoned leadership team at the helm, we’re focused on the short-term aspirations of how CIOs can deal with a maturing workforce and move applications to the cloud with confidence. In the long term, we’re by our customers’ side, helping them overcome challenges and meet strategic objectives that help them be great at what they do.

The entire management team shares my passion for hybrid IT services, so I know we’re in a great place to begin forging ahead in this new direction. “Operate for today. Optimize for tomorrow,” is our mantra as the Ensono team takes on the tough, mission-critical tasks that allow CIOs to let their minds be free to dream and direct their futures.

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