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Collaboration: Catchword or Key to Client Success?

Brett Sellers

Brett Sellers
Client Advocate

We’ve made collaborating in our clients’ success a core value at Ensono—right along with honesty, reliability, passion and curiosity. And we’ve found that there’s no better way of doing business together than by going straight to the source for inspiration.

As part of Ensono’s recently formed Client Advisory Board, IT leaders from 10 key clients are providing the insights we need to ensure that our services and capabilities are constantly evolving to help clients better leverage technology. In fact, they have told us exactly what they need to grow, innovate and build new digital businesses and products.

Here’s what we’ve learned (and how we’ve responded):

Need: A partner in technology and business transformation

Our clients really want us to join them in their journey to transform their organizations through technology. Rather than having an arm’s length relationship with their service provider, they want us to get under the tent with them to figure out how to respond to, take advantage of, support and lead change at their companies and in the marketplace.

Response: Solution architecture team

Ensono has launched a value-added team dedicated to bringing technology thought leadership to our clients. The solution architecture team is comprised of individuals with deep business and technology experience. Partnering with our sales team, they take a deep dive into a client’s business drivers and corporate objectives to create solutions that leverage technology to solve business challenges.

For one client, the solution architecture team developed a hybrid cloud solution that leveraged non-depreciated assets for their remaining useful life, while also providing an ability to leverage cloud for dynamic workloads. In this process we were also able to significantly reduce the amount of physical servers, provide a technology refresh and drive cost out of the model.

Need: An innovation jump start

Clients are telling us they just don’t have the staff, expertise, time or energy to research new technologies—and how to use them to achieve key objectives. They are looking to us for advice and guidance in understanding technology trends and how to turn them to their advantage.

Response: Ensono Consulting

To support client innovation and transformation, we launched our consulting practice earlier this year. This team of billable consultants provides program management and technical expertise around four core service areas:

  • Assessment – Cloud, compute, network, storage and data center assessment.
  • Migration – Logical or physical moving of workloads from current to future states.
  • Disaster Recovery – Development and execution of Client’s DR plans.
  • Transformation – Re-platforming workloads, and leveraging modern architecture and capabilities.

The great news is that Ensono is indeed providing value. Clients give us high marks for the availability of our people, for Ensono’s top-down client focus and for key attributes such as cooperation, loyalty and attitude.

Obviously, we take client feedback very seriously. We exist to serve our clients, and we are determined to earn high marks in every service area.

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