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Another Year, Another Office: Ensono Expands its Presence to Downtown Chicago

Jeff VonDeylen

Jeff VonDeylen
Chief Executive Officer

Today, Ensono announced the opening of its downtown Chicago office – an important milestone in our 2019 growth and a move that will help us expand our business even more in the coming quarter and 2020.

Chicago is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the nation. It’s ranked 6th in the world as an innovation hub, and in 2017, it was home to 14,014 tech businesses, with that number steadily increasing. Some of the biggest brand names in tech have made Chicago home in recent years.

Opening a new office – even one just 30 miles from our main location in Downers Grove – was an important and strategic move for Ensono as we onboard household-name clients and continue to grow our cloud and managed services business. From mainframe managed services to public cloud, we’ve expanded our company’s reach globally throughout the last several years, working with businesses from major insurance carriers to retailers. Our associates work on dedicated client teams, getting to know the ins-and-outs of their clients’ businesses – and the people factor has been one of the primary reasons for our success. It’s also a key driver behind our new office.

According to 2018 CBRE, the Windy City is home to some of the nation’s best tech talent. As talent continues to be one of the hottest topics of the tech industry, it’s something every single tech company is constantly searching for – including us. We have among us the brightest and most dedicated associates in the business, and their success has driven the need for more people on our team.

From our Mainframe Academy to our new Cloud Academy program, building associates’ skills and fostering tech education in the community is important to us, and we want to continue to grow our global base of employees with knowledgeable and skilled people. Chicago presents the perfect opportunity for that objective.

Less than a year ago, I had the honor of opening our offices in Pune and Chennai, which nearly doubled our associate count and brought our office count to seven. The good news is we’re not slowing down this year, and we’re looking to expand jobs in our headquarters’ backyard of Chicago. Our new Chicago Loop office, located at 70 W Madison, seats 50 associates, and we hope to use the proximity of the location to bring in more talented tech professionals.

Today, three acquisitions later and now a $600M+ company, we’re growing faster than any of us could have anticipated, and not only are we thrilled and humbled, we are equally excited to meet the next wave of associates who will join our team from Chicago – a promising and exciting city for us to develop in.

To see Ensono’s available careers, please visit our careers page.

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