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Ensono and Inframon – Frequently Asked Questions

On June 29, 2017, Ensono acquired Inframon, a Microsoft Gold Partner in the U.K. that specializes in Azure cloud services and Windows product support. This is the second strategic acquisition for Ensono since our brand launch in January 2016.

Q: Who is Inframon?

A: Inframon is a specialist cloud service provider that helps businesses transform their IT from legacy to cloud computing models. Inframon has a long history with Microsoft and helping their clients with Azure and other Microsoft products.  As an organization that was born before the cloud, they design, build and support hybrid cloud solutions that span from end-user mobility to cloud-enabled services.

Inframon is a U.K.-based company with customers across the globe.  They have been designing and writing Microsoft System Center and cloud training manuals since 2011.

Inframon has a staff of approximately 40 associates today, primarily located in Reading, Berkshire (about 30 minutes from our Staines office). The company will remain in Reading and will operate as an Ensono company.

Q: Why did Ensono acquire Inframon?

A: Inframon complements the AWS expertise Ensono gained with the acquisition of Attenda by adding Azure to our capability set. This enables us to offer hyperscale Cloud solutions across both of the primary public Cloud platforms.

Q: How will the acquisition of Inframon change Ensono’s service offering?

A: Inframon adds significant Azure capabilities to our hybrid IT solutions. This gives us greater flexibility and depth of resources to offer the right solutions to our clients, no matter which cloud environment they choose—whether AWS or Azure.

We are now better than ever positioned to help clients transition from legacy technologies to cloud technologies as their business transforms.  Ensono has grown significantly over the past two years, but our strategy remains the same: to enable our clients’ business transformations and position them stronger for the future.

Q: Will both companies be integrated?

A: Initially, Inframon will be operate as “an Ensono company” and be integrated over time. 

The Ensono organizational structure and executive leadership team will remain in place. Inframon’s Sean Roberts will assume the role of General Manager, Microsoft Cloud Services, and Gordon McKenna will become CTO, Microsoft Cloud Services, reporting into Brian Klingbeil, Ensono’s Chief Operating Officer. 

Q: What are the plans for existing Inframon team members?

A: There are no job-related impacts associated with this announcement. In fact, this acquisition creates a number of new jobs in the U.K. and the U.S. that may provide new opportunities for personal and career development. Overall, we expect Inframon associates will benefit by becoming part of a larger, global enterprise.

Q: How will this acquisition benefit Ensono clients?

A: The addition of Inframon’s capabilities to Ensono enables us to serve our client’s migration to the cloud via the platform that works best for them. It addresses the growing needs of our clients and the market, and positions us as a service provider who can deliver the best hybrid IT solutions for our clients.

Q: How will this acquisition benefit Inframon clients?

A: The addition of Ensono’s capabilities to Inframon provides Inframon with the global scale and reach to transform from a Systems Integrator to a managed service provider.  Inframon’s service offerings will vastly expand beyond Microsoft cloud capabilities so that it can provide a more comprehensive and enterprise grade service.

Q: How will this acquisition benefit partners?

A: Expansion of Ensono’s global presence, diversification of our client base, and even greater public cloud capabilities better position Ensono as the premier provider of comprehensive hybrid IT solutions. We believe this creates exciting potential for both new and expanded partnerships.

Q: How will this acquisition benefit vendors?

A: We value the relationships we’ve developed with our vendors. We believe these relationships will only benefit from our investments in the company—resulting in more mutual business. Existing vendors will receive additional information from Ensono’s global procurement and real estate team.

Q: As a client in North America, how can I buy the Azure service?

A: You can buy the Azure service as it’s offered through Inframon by contacting your current Ensono sales or account executive.  With Azure specifically, our hybrid approach will also fully support Microsoft’s Azure Stack as part of a hosted solution and be managed on the same service management platform as all other services. 

Q: As a client in Europe, how can I buy the Azure service?

A: You can buy the Azure service now by contacting your current Ensono sales or account executive. 

Q: Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Please contact your sales or account executive, or visit if you have questions about how the acquisition announcement impacts you. Partners, advisors and analysts may contact us at [email protected].