Unleashing your business with intelligent cloud solutions that complement your IT.


Take the uncertainty out of your cloud journey.

80 percent of organizations exceed their cloud budget by 300 percent in the first three years. Achieving value from cloud is often elusive.


Ensono helps you drive consistent impact with our Ensono Cloud Transform Framework, a best-practices methodology for public cloud. The Ensono Cloud Transform Framework is delivered via a modular set of services – Cloud Activate, Cloud Migrate, Cloud Optimize, Cloud Operate, Cloud Enable and Cloud Innovate - depending upon the stage of your cloud journey and your specific goals and challenges.

Ensono Cloud Transform Framework

Cloud Activate

Everything you need for a full understanding of where you are today and where you’re going tomorrow.


  • Overviewing cloud features and understanding business drivers
  • Assessing IT landscape to identify applications to migrate to cloud
  • Designing and documenting the target cloud environment
  • Automating and scripting templated deployments
  • Deploy an application and verify the environment for performance and security

Cloud Migrate

Reduce risk and accelerate migration with a standard, repeatable process that automates the migration of applications and workloads to the cloud.


  • Tiered cost model to categorize your applications and workloads by complexity
  • Full project management to coordinate and ensure all parties are aware of migration plans
  • The support and expertise to re-architect with DevOps and consultancy

Cloud Optimize

Continuous review of your cloud environment to keep it aligned to your business goals and budgetary needs — while ensuring it always operates with maximum performance.


  • Monthly reviews of risk factors, cost, security, performance and recommendations
  • Governance and billing portal
  • Optimization backlog

Cloud Operate

Providing a fully-managed service for as long as you need — so as you evolve, you can take ownership with a Co-managed or Self managed model.


  • Three tiers of service - Fully managed, Co-managed and Self managed
  • Cloud support 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Governance, compliance and security
  • Business, design and platform SLAs

Cloud Enable

Tried-and-tested best practice tools and processes to simplify management and ensure your teams become experts in operating and optimizing your complex environments.


  • Security threat detection
  • Governance and compliance
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Release and configuration management

Cloud Innovate

Access to a wide range of cloud specialists to accelerate adoption of new technologies and services, to leverage your existing investments and drive ongoing innovation and value.


  • Cloud consultants with deep expertise in cloud technologies
  • Professional services methodologies and approach
  • Experience of leading complex cloud deployments

Cloud Services

The agility, governance and compliance backed by 20-plus years of working with Microsoft.

Managed complexity with the trust and expertise of AWS-certified engineers.

A secure private cloud environment designed to run business-critical applications, delivering scalability and availability.

Business transformation is what cloud technologies ultimately deliver. The key change agent is agility – in product development and testing, in change management and in speed to market, and the key catalyst is automation in DevOps.

Deliver enterprise-class agility

Case Studies


Sonoco is a $5 billion global provider of consumer packaging, industrial products and packaging supply chain services. Following their Mainframe migration, Sonoco embarked upon a cloud first strategy to reduce running costs by 20%, while using new technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and Analytics to improve the manufacturing process. Ensono started with a cost analysis and design to run on Azure, and followed with migration and managed services to an Azure CSP platform and private cloud, enabling faster integration of acquisitions and agility.


Mazars is an international accountancy and advisory firm, with 270 offices around the world, more than 18,000 professionals, and annual revenues of 1.7B USD (£1.3 billion). It needed to enable its end-users to work more flexibly and remotely and free up its small IT team to focus on business value services. Ensono delivered a bespoke, managed migration to Microsoft Azure and helped them set up a robust, secure and agile foundation for their global growth.

Nisa Retail

With annual sales of £1.3billion, Nisa Retail is the UK’s leading member-owned independent retailer organization with 1.5m sq. ft. of warehousing space servicing over 3,500 stores in UK and Ireland. Nisa wished to deploy a new Stock Management system to increase business efficiency by improving control over their inventories. Ensono started with a proof-of-concept and then design, deploy and manage the new service on AWS. They now have a scalable platform for growth.

Cloud Insights

Thursday, March 28, 2019
Sean Roberts, General Manager, Public Cloud