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Essential Data Center Services Strategies to Pursue Modernization

Best Practices

Five years from now, the data center will be nearly unrecognizable. As digitization accelerates, enterprises across industries are embracing complex IT infrastructure. Now IT teams face pressure to rapidly shift from legacy systems while maintaining performance. This means businesses need better strategies to implement and optimize emergent technologies to keep pace. 

To simplify the transition to new technology, IT leaders are increasingly outsourcing migration and network management to data center service providers.

According to Global Market Insights, demand for digital transformation grew the data center services market to $15 billion in 2020, and it is set to grow 10.5% CAGR by the end of 2027.

By increasing efficiency, simplifying migration and reducing steady state TCO, outsourced services support your IT team as they tackle modernization. Before you start lifting your network, server, storage or infrastructure with a strategic partner, it is crucial to identify the right provider and scope of services. 

Navigating Complex Digital Environments

According to Gartner, 85% of IT teams will integrate on-premise, colocation, cloud or edge delivery infrastructure by 2025 — a 60% increase from 2020. This pace of change challenges any team, regardless of size or budget.

IT teams pursuing transformation amid this rapid growth might face:

  • Complex management: By keeping the lights on while pursuing digital transformation, it is easy to lose sight of data migration strategies. 
  • Unexpected costs: Modernization often means recurring software expenses. While you focus on transformation, optimizing day-to-day management costs can also fall by the wayside. 
  • Lack of resources: Many IT teams lack the time and resources to execute an optimal approach to workload placement and migration.

Despite the challenges of transformation, delaying crucial updates leaves you with technology debt while potentially stagnating your business’ long-term growth. Realize the benefits of digital transformation with data center services that provide expertise in migration planning and execution, TCO reduction and resource optimization.

Tips for Modernizing With Data Center Services Experts

Support your team and accelerate digital transformation with a data center services expert. The right partner helps you:

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Mitigate complexity

Data center services reduce manual intervention, create monitoring processes and standardize management. By providing hosted or remote management plans, they streamline and simplify your road to modernization.

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Migrate workloads with confidence

Outsourced services empower you to build an IT ecosystem optimized for your business. By leveraging vendor relationships and customized migration strategies, outsourced experts help you select the right workload placements and ecosystem partners.

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Reduce long- and short-term costs

Data center services experts reduce TCO with rapid provisioning and application alignment, enabling you to redirect costs from daily management to modernization. Flexible CapEx and OpEx payment models enable data center services partners to tailor payments to your needs.

Identify the Right Scope of Services for Your Current State

Data center services are not one-size-fits-all. Whether you need to lift your current systems or optimize overall spend, Ensono service levels are designed to help you meet various benchmarks of your IT ecosystem, including:

  • Network: Reduce costs and build custom platforms. Ensono works with clients to optimize performance and stability while providing data center LAN, WAN, load balancer, firewall and VPN services. Network service experts also provide advanced configurations, backups and upgrades. 
  • Server: Standardize your server and reduce TCO while increasing security, performance and stability. Server experts assist with database migration to hosted or remote options, and enable monitoring and management services to optimize day-to-day network performance. 
  • Storage: Align applications to the right storage tier and manage third-party vendors. Data center services experts assist with security management like LUN masking, encryption, hardware enforced zoning and more. 
  • Infrastructure: Empower partnerships with leading vendors and accelerate your move to digital infrastructure. Data center services partners dedupe disks and provide data resilience with offsite replication.

No matter your industry, modernization stage or team, there is a service level designed to accommodate your data center operations. It is key to select a Data Center Services partner that expertly accomplishes your goals for the changing IT landscape.

Choose Ensono as Your Data Center Services Partner

As an expert data center services provider, Ensono helps you innovate and optimize your systems to make the most of your data center spend. 

We provide four service levels, scalable consumption models and hosting options, enabling flexible expertise to fit your IT team’s unique needs. Regardless of where you decide to host your data center, we support migration to third-party vendors or help you move to our private cloud services.

Our team delivers decades of industry experience and the seamless service you need to reduce existing costs, boost efficiency and provide an agile foundation for business growth. The result? You easily maneuver evolving IT landscapes and use digitization to your advantage.

Looking for expert strategy to inform your data center management or migration? Contact Ensono to learn more about our data center services.

Continuous innovation starts here.