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Anti-Slavery Statement for 2022

Ensono is an expert technology advisor, innovation partner and managed service provider. As a relentless ally, we specialize in helping enterprise clients transform their organization, innovate new and disruptive technologies, and optimize their IT operations to achieve better business outcomes. Our services span from mainframe to cloud, and include IT strategy consulting, cloud and mainframe modernization, cloud native engineering and a wide array of managed services. With certified experts in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, Ensono has over 3,000 associates globally and is headquartered in greater Chicago.

Ensono is committed to its role in the fight to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking. We are strongly opposed to the unethical treatment of people, including any acts of slavery or human trafficking, and we are committed to ensuring that all vendors in our supply chain prohibit the hiring of slave labor and prevent practices that contribute to human trafficking.

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