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The Ensono Cloud-Connected Mainframe for Microsoft Azure: A fast, frictionless, penalty-free path to the cloud

Combining the robust mainframe performance with cloud flexibility, this groundbreaking new approach will empower you to create new digital customer experiences, transform data into actionable intelligence, retain and attract customers, and maximize operational efficiency, all while ensuring minimal latency and seamless data integration, plus the freedom to scale and pivot without penalty.

  • Seamless low-latency connectivity: Experience the power of 2-3 ms low-latency connectivity between your mainframe and Azure workloads. This allows previously anchored applications to seamlessly transition to the cloud. Run your applications in their optimal environments and unleash the potential of your mainframe data in the cloud. With no latency concerns, you can modernize applications using cloud-native AI and analytics services, enabling data-driven decisions and enhancing customer experiences.
  • Effortless portability and cost efficiency: Connect your mainframe to Azure with Azure ExpressRoute Local to enable a predictable cost model that is inclusive of ingress and egress charges. This provides data and workload portability without having to worry about additional costs for moving large amounts of data between the mainframe and Azure. In addition, Ensono Flex® promotes application transformation and cost efficiency in the ever-evolving cloud landscape. Migrate workloads across your hybrid IT environment without penalties.
  • Expertise for your transformation: Leverage over 20 years of Ensono’s expertise in modernizing, migrating, running, and optimizing mainframe and cloud environments. Our AI automated toolchain and modernization framework, combined with structured ITSM/ITIL best practices, ensure efficiency, security, and alignment with your cloud transformation objectives.
  • Test and validate with confidence: Gain exclusive access to our Demo Center environment. Test key use cases and validate performance metrics, including latency between your mainframe and cloud applications, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Optimize your Azure consumption: The Ensono Cloud-Connected Mainframe for Microsoft Azure solution is available on the Azure Marketplace and can contribute to retiring your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). This not only enables cost savings but also provides flexibility in your Azure usage. This solution is an essential component of our Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe approach, which combines cloud flexibility with mainframe resilience. Ready to explore further? Check out the Ensono Cloud-Connected Mainframe for Microsoft Azure solution brief or visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.