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Cloud Transformation Framework + Reimagine Program

Maximize your journey to the cloud with a flexible, market-proven program that meets your digital transformation objectives and lets you focus on your business.

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Your journey to the cloud starts here. 

Digital transformation is driving a need to innovate and bring new, improved products to market — fast. Moving to the cloud delivers the flexibility and responsiveness needed for today’s evolving business environment. Yet many organizations lack the resources they need to shift their focus to innovation that differentiates their business and enhances customer experiences. Ensono’s Cloud Transformation Framework and Reimagine Program leverage best-in-class tools to consider everything in your existing infrastructure and deliver a cost-saving, end-to-end approach that addresses your specific business needs. Ensono offers unprecedented agility and automated deployment, creating a seamless transition for your business, improving application availability and enabling cloud cost optimization. 

Your business is unique — so your cloud transformation strategy can’t be one-size-fits-all. Our services can be mixed, matched and tailored to solve your specific business objectives. We’re your relentless transformation ally, supporting you with a multi-phase, multi-platform journey that optimizes your environment for continued business success.

  • CheckmarkBenefit from managed service designed for new or existing cloud users 
  • CheckmarkAccelerate migration with an automated, repeatable process
  • CheckmarkReduce risk and maximize your cloud investment
  • CheckmarkReallocate time and resources to focus on new products and business growth
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Cloud Transformation Framework

With our four-step transformation process, we assess and design your target cloud environment, migrate your assets using our AWS, Azure and Google Cloud expertise, then help you run and continuously innovate your cloud environment.

Ensono Reimagine Program

Our Reimagine Program empowers you to shift your focus from tedious management to differentiated customer experiences. With our end-to-end program, you overcome skills, processes and financial barriers to align technical operations with business objectives.

Hybrid support

Public cloud agility is an essential requirement of hybrid cloud environments. Ensono makes it easy to manage applications across platforms with both legacy and cloud expertise, all within a single view in Ensono Envision®.

Discover endless possibilities in the cloud.

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Align your cloud transformation strategy with your ideal state

When your transformation journey doesn’t align with business objectives, you might be allocating your budget toward modernization initiatives that don’t pay off. At Ensono, your strategy feeds into every part of your journey. First, our consultants work with you to identify goals from stakeholders around your organization. Then, through each step we ask, “What does your business need?” That means we’re able to build your future state for desired business outcomes while enabling cloud cost optimization along the way.

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Reduce complexity 

As IT organizations migrate to the cloud, the amount of data, applications, platforms, networks and end points — along with continued legacy and hybrid clouds — creates added complexity. Ensono works alongside you to manage the complexity surrounding your cloud infrastructure, ensuring you’re using the platform and applications best suited to your organization. 

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Shift resources toward innovation

According to Deloitte, 60% of organizations’ IT budgets are spent on day-to-day operations  — only 16% of which are dedicated to strategic investments and business growth. Coupled with skills shortages that leave teams unable to dedicate time to complex migration and transformation tasks, this lack of resources hinders long-term business growth. Ensono’s Cloud Transformation Framework and Reimagine Program fills skill gaps and saves costs by transferring non-differentiated and utility components of your technology portfolio to Ensono’s team. By converting these functions to an as-a-service model, we enable you to focus on innovation. 

Jumpstart transformation with advisory and consulting services.

We start by understanding key business requirements, conduct a TCO analysis, and design and document the target cloud operating environment. We’ll then deploy and pilot the suggested program to ensure it addresses and meets your unique needs.

Create a plan for asset migration.

Ensono handles applications that range from simple “lifts and shifts” to complex migrations. And with long-standing AWS, Microsoft and GCP partnerships, we have in-depth competencies to ensure migration goes smoothly.

Build solutions that align with business objectives.

Ensono is an industry-recognized leader in managing business-critical applications that improve performance, agility, recoverability, insight and security. Our cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service includes a range of flexible managed services that complement your business requirements — no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Ensure security, compliance and performance goals are met.

You get access to Ensono experts who work with you to drive continued efficiency and agility on your new platform. From financial governance and reporting to program management, we operate as an extension of your team as you execute on your cloud transformation roadmap.

Client success with Ensono’s Cloud Transformation Framework and Reimagine Program

Cloud transformation resources

View our cloud transformation resources to find the insights and information you need to make the most of your cloud environment.

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