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Hybrid Cloud + Multi-Cloud

Unlock business flexibility and invest in continuous innovation with expert, cross-platform managed hybrid and multi-cloud services.

Harness the power of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud

For many businesses, cloud migration and on-premises infrastructure isn’t a binary decision — it’s a transformation strategy. A multi-cloud approach uses a mix of private and public cloud platforms, while a hybrid cloud approach uses a combination of data center infrastructure and cloud technology. Both strategies strike a balance between control and innovation. Despite its benefits, a distributed cloud and on-premise assets often slow daily management and innovation. When you’re managing multiple environments, you need different sets of tools, talent and processes to connect and enhance each.

Ensono’s hybrid cloud and multi-cloud services allow you to tap into our cross-platform expertise, meaning no environment is left unoptimized. Backed by decades of public cloud, private cloud and data center experience, we assess your environment to craft a hybrid strategy that accelerates your transformation. 

With our array of managed hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and transformation services, you select the support you need for your public cloud, cloud transformation strategy, cloud native applications or private cloud. Through Ensono Flex®, you also gain the agility to easily shift workloads across platforms without financial penalty. Our experts work alongside your team to manage your complex hybrid cloud infrastructure, growing with you as you modernize.

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  • CheckmarkBuild cloud native applications to power modernization
  • CheckmarkEnhance private cloud security 
  • CheckmarkEnable limitless public cloud agility

Percentage of cloud environment surveyed businesses have:


Public cloud only


Private cloud only


A combination of public and private cloud

Awards, certifications + accreditations

Your company’s future is in the cloud — the right strategy will set you apart.

Strong technology partnerships

Ensono has worked alongside major public cloud providers since their inception. We leverage these relationships to optimize your cloud ecosystem and remove your administration burden. With hundreds of certifications and accreditations for AWS and Azure, our staff continuously adds to their expertise so you don’t have to. We’re not just resellers — we strategize with providers on your behalf, following their guidelines and working together to ensure the success of your public cloud migration. We have internal teams dedicated to each channel, ensuring we remain strong partners and at the forefront of public cloud technology.

Data-center origins

Ensono was born in the data center. We have expertise in business technology from heritage mainframe systems to cutting-edge cloud platforms, meaning we know where you’re coming from — and how to accelerate the journey to where you’re going. As you evaluate cloud options, our recommendations come from a deep understanding of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Moving to the cloud represents a paradigm shift. We’ll guide you through this change so you can move beyond migration and gain the full benefits of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Cross-platform insights

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud shouldn’t mean disparate monitoring systems. Ensono Envision® delivers a unified view of your entire environment, showing on-premise, private cloud and public cloud insights in the same platform with the same view. Through Ensono Envision, you can drill into reports, quickly view spending and usage, and gain unprecedented insights across vendors. One management platform puts you in control, with comprehensive monitoring and performance data at your fingertips.

Comprehensive transformation strategy

Why do you want to move to the cloud? Ensono works with you to nail down your cloud objectives and define your approach, starting with a thorough assessment of your environment. Our Cloud Transformation Framework and Reimagine Program guide you through the process of migration and selecting public cloud providers, ensuring we account for application dependencies and design a platform tailored to your needs. We help you understand your budget and adapt to countless cloud configurations, empowering you to maximize technology spend, cut costs and reap the benefits of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud.

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud services that help you adapt to a world in transformation.

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