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Services/Consumption Model

Remote + Dedicated Hosting

Not ready to migrate yet? Ensono can manage your IT while it remains in your facility.

Remote hosting solutions boost performance

Maybe you’re not ready for a full migration yet, or there are security and compliance issues that mean your data needs to stay put for now. You can still optimize your IT environment’s performance and spend and build a flexible foundation for your future modernization and transformation efforts.

Maintain your existing data center while Ensono’s mainframe, data center and infrastructure experts empower you with the full range of our resources to address issues, optimize your infrastructure and prepare you for the future.

  • CheckmarkMaintain your existing data centers
  • CheckmarkOptimize spend on performance, capacity and software
  • CheckmarkReduce IT spend and ensure compliance

Immediately lower hardware, software and labor costs

Reduce your technical debt and lower your IT expenses immediately by moving to a monthly OpEx management model, while you enjoy streamlined management and resources.

Keep mission-critical applications running 24/7

Remote management and operations of your IT enhances performance and increases uptime.

Only pay for what you use

Pay only for the resources you use with cloud-like consumption pricing. Burst capacity instantly and on demand as business needs change. Ensono Flex® is built into all contracts, allowing you to shift workloads across platforms with no penalty.

Remote hosting keeps your systems running while you plan for future transformation.

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Rising operational costs

Leverage Ensono’s economies of scale to reduce hardware and software licensing fees. Streamline labor and maintenance costs, and pay only for mainframe capacity you use.

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Skills gap

It’s difficult to fill positions for older and emerging technologies, as many traditional mainframe workers are nearing retirement. Ensono can solve this pressing issue by providing expertise from mainframe to cloud.

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Disruption and downtime

IT infrastructures can malfunction anytime, and you need to be prepared with a solution that is available 24/7. Ensono’s remote hosting solutions provides round the clock support and reduces downtime.

Client success with remote hosting

Remote hosting resources

View our latest security managed hosted videos, events and more.

Open up your array of hosting options as you evolve and transform.