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SAP to Cloud Migration

Accelerate your cloud journey and unlock new business opportunities with SAP expertise for any stage of transformation.

Maximize mission-critical application performance with SAP migration.

In the digital era, on-premise assets are undergoing transformation. As heritage SAP environments age, many businesses find themselves either considering or navigating a migration to the cloud. But as your internal teams work to take advantage of increased agility and cloud-based technology, they may experience SAP skills gaps, skyrocketing costs and the realization that the road to cloud maturity is difficult to travel alone.

Ensono assesses your SAP environment, develops a personalized strategy and executes the transformation plan. We recognize every business is at a different stage in their transformation journey, which is why we tailor the approach to meet you at your current level and work with you to make continuous improvements. That means you can access long-term scalability, optimize costs and leverage the cloud-based technology you need to constantly innovate.

  • CheckmarkAccelerate migration and minimize risk
  • CheckmarkSimplify deployment and operational tasks via automation
  • CheckmarkDrive modernization initiatives with emerging technology

Ensono SAP on Azure Quick Start

Jumpstart your SAP to Azure migration with Ensono’s free cloud maturity assessment. Our Quick Start offering uses your input to deliver an “art of the possible” strategy with the technical and operational analysis you need to design your ideal SAP state.

Microsoft + SAP partnerships

As an SAP-certified provider and Azure Expert MSP, Ensono supports your SAP to Azure migration with industry-recognized expertise, and insider access to Microsoft and SAP thought leadership.

Ongoing management

Continuous cloud performance optimization requires a transparent view of your current state. With Ensono Envision® and regular audits, you uncover security, agility and cost evaluations to ensure your cloud environment is designed to meet your long-term goals.

Unlock limitless transformation potential with SAP to cloud migration.

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Accelerate access to innovative technology

SAP sits at the center of your digital estate. When you delay transformation, you prevent further modernization initiatives. Our SAP to cloud migration services streamline your journey to the cloud, beginning with a rapid-start assessment that positions you for an efficient migration. Then, we simplify your transformation and help you train internal teams on the cloud — ensuring you can use innovative technology and SAP-native applications.

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Eliminate skills shortages

Since SAP is business-critical, cloud professionals have historically focused on enhancing what already exists — not transforming it. As a result, enterprises are encountering SAP talent shortages, innovation bottlenecks and security risks. Ensono’s large-scale SAP migration and ongoing management expertise shores up your SAP skill gaps to optimize and secure your environment, whether you’re migrating your own estate or moving to S/4 HANA.

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Improve flexibility

By implementing a full-scale SAP application migration, you can break free from fixed environments and enable seamless, scalable applications. Ensono takes SAP cloud flexibility further by providing an array of managed service tiers, allowing you to snooze the applications you don’t need. We ensure your environment and costs are right-sized for your current — and future — state.

Take your first step toward the cloud with our rapid-start assessment.

We begin your SAP to cloud migration by conducting scope exercises, evaluating your business goals and designing your optimal environment. Then, we move into a pilot state to ensure your migration is as efficient and optimized as possible.

Enable purposeful, efficient transformation.

Ensono simplifies and accelerates complex migration processes by leveraging years of certified expertise while aligning migration strategy to your business needs. We offer flexible migration methods, including homogeneous, heterogeneous or database migration options.

Support operations with personalized management. 

We provide an array of SAP application management services to empower your team as you adjust to your new environment. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, our managed services are designed to flawlessly execute your transformation roadmap and build capacity.

Optimize day-to-day management and ensure peak performance.

With Ensono, you optimize daily management of your SAP environment without losing sight of long-term business objectives. Our experts work alongside your team to conduct cost analysis, performance reviews and more to drive continuous improvement and maximize ROI across your SAP Azure migration.

Client success with Ensono’s SAP application services

SAP application migration resources

Whether you’re taking on SAP to AWS migration or Azure migration, our cloud transformation insights help you make the most of your deployment.

Start your SAP to cloud journey today.