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Ensono Service Mapping

Gain insights into costs and applications tied to business units for greater financial governance.

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Get to know everything connected to your IT estate

Ensono’s Service Mapping gives you a comprehensive view of your entire IT infrastructure – from data centers and servers to application-level details. Get visibility into the performance, cost structures and security profile associated with each component in your tech stack through extensive summarization insights supplied by our service management platform – Ensono Envision®.

  • CheckmarkContinuous discovery of data center infrastructure
  • CheckmarkMaintain an accurate CMDB and application dependency mapping
  • CheckmarkImprove enterprise application performance quality of service
  • CheckmarkCost optimization by improved visibility into data center assets

Gain insight into how your applications, IT components and multi-cloud are connected – it will be the key to unlocking a successful digital transformation!

Two coworkers looking at a tablet in a data center

Improve data center governance with a comprehensive map

Make decisions without hesitation, swiftly pinpointing underlying issues and prioritizing actions based on business impact.

Accurate and continuously updated

Stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.  Our solution offers you an eagle-eye view of your IT environment and applications tied to its underlying components.  Arming you with crucial information leads to better IT governance and cost management.

Prevent outages

Improve performance and reduce downtime with continuous discovery and service mapping, identifying root causes faster.

Ensono Service Mapping Resources

Learn more about the Ensono Service Mapping solution and how it can help your business.

Get a clear view of critical systems, applications and services that keep your business humming.