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Ensono transforms infrastructure and performance for global provider of business improvement solutions

The client

The client works with 80,000 clients in over 150 countries worldwide, helping them adopt and cultivate the habits of best practice that enable them to achieve excellence. From training and assessment to software solutions, advisory services and supply chain intelligence, the firm provides the full solution to help organizations drive performance.

The obstacles faced

In order to transition to a hybrid IT operating model without disrupting business, the organization needed to migrate its entire infrastructure to new data center in a rolling program that adhered to a strict timeframe. This massive migration required extensive collaboration between the client, Ensono, and multiple third parties.

The journey

Ensono’s Cloud Connect hybrid managed services allowed for a seamless migration of complex business-critical applications, including SAP, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and custom enterprise applications.

The client engaged with Ensono Consulting and Advisory Services to provide program management and governance with consolidated reporting, ensuring that the organization would experience minimal disruptions in spite of the massive undertaking.

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The outcomes achieved

The firm has shifted from large CapEx investments with depreciating hardware to a flexible OpEx model that more readily adapts to the organization’s desire for increased agility. They now have more stable IT operations with improved business continuity, and their customers experience better performance from the company’s more powerful infrastructure.

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