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Streamlined IT Divestiture Powers Voya’s Strategic Realignment

The Client

Voya is a powerhouse in the financial sector, known for its banking and insurance acumen. The strategic divestiture of its life insurance arm to Resolution Life was a move to streamline its operations and focus on its primary business strengths. ​

The Obstacles Faced

Ensono stepped into a critical role, undertaking the intricate IT divestiture from Voya to Resolution Life. This operation showcased Ensono’s adeptness at navigating complex transitions in the financial industry, involving new mainframe setups, meticulous data migration, and multi-vendor coordination. Some of the challenges we faced included:

  • Data Complexity: Voya needed to surgically extract and transfer key data sets from a cohabited environment, ensuring zero impact on operational stability.
  • Coordination Across Entities: The transition required harmonizing the efforts of diverse IT service providers, including Infosys and Kyndryl, which introduced additional complexity.
  • Infrastructure Requirements: Creating a robust IT framework for Resolution Life meant installing mainframes and configuring shared storage, all under the mandate of maintaining data fidelity and security.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The financial sector’s tight regulatory framework demanded strict adherence during the entire transition phase.

The Journey

  • Infrastructure Migration: Deployment of new physical mainframes and collaborative infrastructure to bolster storage and disaster recovery.
  • Data Migration and Isolation: A carefully choreographed data replication ensured that only pertinent data subsets were selected, transferred, and audited for accuracy.
  • Collaborative Approach: A synergistic operation with Infosys and Kyndryl capitalized on their distinct capabilities to deliver a frictionless transition.
  • Testing and Validation: Rigorous testing and validation phases were critical in verifying the operational readiness and compliance of the new systems.

The Outcomes Achieved

  • Business Realignment: The life insurance division of Voya was seamlessly integrated into Resolution Life’s portfolio.
  • New IT Landscape: A bespoke IT infrastructure was established, serving the specific needs of Resolution Life.
  • Data Integrity and Compliance: The transition maintained the highest standards of data integrity and regulatory compliance.
  • Operational Continuity: Voya experienced minimal disruption to its ongoing activities, underscoring the efficiency of the divestiture process.

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