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Multinational holding company rolls out Azure landing zone to streamline innovation and forge a more agile way of working

What we achieved together


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The Client

This firm is a holding company serving a selection of operating companies around the world. The business works with a range of partners, providing customers with essential services that rely on an advanced and robust technology infrastructure – ready for the disruption and uncertainty that come with business operations in the 21st century. 

The Obstacles Faced

The client operated its own service provider cloud that acted as a hub from which the technology workloads of all its operating companies were run. This model had worked well but the operating companies were increasingly independently investing in a wide range of new, cloud-native technologies and this was causing security, consistency and governance issues. The absence of a centralised framework for managing innovation across the entire organization was also leading to replicated workloads and inefficiencies.

The Journey

Ensono engaged to identify a more agile approach that would enable innovation across the holding company and its subsidiaries. Ensono consultants worked with the company as a team to design and execute an enterprise Azure landing zone. This collaborative approach ensured the company was part of the process, learning new ways of working and, ultimately, preparing it to run the new technology infrastructure independently. Ensono used a prioritised backlog approach to generate two-week sprints to bring clarity and focus to the project and enable rapid delivery of benefits which was imperative in motivating the operating companies to adopt the new model.

The Azure enterprise landing zone acts as the platform from which all operating companies can connect and run their Azure environments. It has policies and rules in areas like billing and security which flow out into each operating company. This provides a trusted framework within which innovation can take place, affording each operating company a degree of independence within the holding company’s operating model. In total, the project took just 12 weeks to complete.


Outcomes Achieved

  • Solution delivered in 12 weeks
  • Reduction in operational inefficiencies cutting costs across the holding company

Technical Specifications

Robust and secure Azure enterprise landing zone for holding company & its operating companies

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