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Logistics Leader Improves Scalability and Resiliency with Ensono Cloud

What we achieved together


cost savings

The Client

A titan in the American transportation sector, this client orchestrates a vast network of rail, marine, and highway logistics. As a leader in intermodal freight, they oversee operations across 50 U.S. locations, generating over $5 billion in revenue. ​

The Obstacles Faced

In partnership since 2000, Ensono has been the backbone of the client’s co-location strategy, adapting seamlessly to their IT evolution. With growth comes new challenges: their aging IBM i servers reached a bottleneck, straining under capacity limitations and exposing potential security threats. The client sought to transcend these limits, aiming for a cloud solution that could bolster their scalability, agility, and safeguard their mission-critical data with enhanced disaster recovery solutions. ​

The Journey

With a keen understanding of the client’s needs, Ensono delivered a robust, 24/7 fully managed IBM i hosting solution within the Ensono Cloud, complete with elastic compute and storage capacities. This strategic move enabled the client to not only alleviate operational constraints but also reinforce their security posture, eliminating the reliance on extended support for their IBM i systems. Ensono’s meticulous migration of the client’s legacy Mimix software replication to our advanced storage-based mirroring solution has significantly enhanced their disaster recovery capabilities. Additionally, leveraging Ensono Flex® (workload portability without financial penalty), the client is smoothly transitioning to a modern infrastructure, aligning with their strategic IT modernization objectives. ​

The Outcomes Achieved

  • Achieved $1M in cost savings through strategic hardware optimization and capacity management.
  • Accelerated market presence and enhanced organizational agility.
  • Strengthened security measures and mitigated risk with advanced IBM i server management.
  • Realized cost-efficiency by transitioning to a superior storage-based replication system.


“Throughout our longstanding partnership, Ensono has consistently been at the helm of innovation for our IBM i landscape. The transition of our critical workloads to the Ensono Power Cloud was a testament to their unwavering commitment and adaptability, ensuring a seamless migration. The value Ensono adds is deeply respected by my team day in and day out for their relentless pursuit of excellence and strategic foresight.”


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