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Fortifying Resiliency in Mission-critical Healthcare Operations

The Client

Our client stands at the forefront of providing home and community-oriented health services, catering to individuals with complex, specialized, and chronic healthcare needs. Their mission is to deliver care that not only addresses immediate health challenges but also fosters long-term well-being. ​

The Obstacles Faced

Faced with a scarcity of IBM i technical expertise, our client’s pharmacy distribution and fulfillment operations were at a crossroads. They urgently required a managed service provider with profound IBM i knowledge to swiftly elevate their operating system, ensuring compliance and dodging the bullet of hefty, unnecessary extended software support costs. Moreover, they were in dire need of a robust disaster recovery plan that their existing managed service provider fell short of delivering.

The Journey

As an esteemed Platinum-level IBM Business Partner, Ensono stepped in with a promise of immediate, expert-level management and sophisticated monitoring of their IBM i OS environment. We crafted a fortified disaster recovery strategy, tailored to exceed regulatory and compliance demands. Ensono successfully transitioned the client’s physical tape infrastructure into a state-of-the-art virtual tape library (VTL) within their data center, with seamless replication to the Ensono Power Cloud. This strategic move not only bolstered security but also streamlined operations, resulting in an automated, and more economically efficient system.

The Outcomes Achieved

  • Revolutionized support with updated runbooks and expert-trained technician team.
  • Elevated disaster recovery to best-in-class standards.
  • Seamless, swift transition to upgraded IBM i OS.
  • Streamlined software for peak efficiency and cost savings.
  • Implemented cutting-edge automation for tape backup data protection.

“Ensono’s mastery in IBM i systems has revolutionized our technological landscape, advancing our operating system and fortifying our disaster recovery capabilities within the Ensono Power Cloud. Their strategic shift from physical to virtual tape is a testament to their commitment to operational excellence. Ensono isn’t just a service provider; they are a pivotal partner ensuring our success today and championing our vision for the future.”

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