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Ensono saves international provider of business sales, marketing and credit data two million dollars per month

What we achieved together


savings per month


reduction in emergency changes

The client

The client is a global leader in the delivery of business insight. The client’s global database exceeds 265 million businesses with information including credit history, business-to-business sales and marketing, counterparty risk exposure, supply chain management, lead scoring, and social identity matching. The client has 5,000 employees worldwide.

The obstacles faced

The business has undergone a period of restructuring in recent years. Today, the focus is making this wealth of business data work harder. Rather than producing monthly reports, the client wants to make its data available 24/7, with customers able to access it on-demand. The client describes this as “indispensable content through modern channels to serve new customer needs”.

The journey

The client has worked with Ensono since 2009, with Ensono originally picking up the account after the client grew dissatisfied with its incumbent service provider’s failings regarding its server, network, and mainframe environments. With technology not being refreshed as agreed, the client was experiencing significant downtime. Subsequently, we migrated the client’s environment to our data centers in Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas, and in Leeds in the U.K. Furthermore, we upgraded the technology and refreshed the hardware. 

Ensono also provided a team of 12 consultants, split evenly between senior level DevOps specialists and AWS solution architects. With the focus on cloud and a more productive DevOps atmosphere, Ensono has had to demonstrate its service flexibility. Ensono is now managing the client’s workloads in its public cloud environment via Ensono’s M.O. platform. Ensono is also working with the client to execute a multi-cloud DevOps strategy. Our scope of services has since grown to include desktop, network, voice and data, security, storage, and email application support for our client.

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The outcomes achieved

Migrating the client’s mainframe environment doubled the size of their storage as well as saved about $2M per month compared to the previous provider. Our success has been in structuring a contract that provides both certainty and flexibility. The client has even been able to replace some of its application and infrastructure teams with project teams based around new services. This is intended to remove a disconnect between teams and make it faster to spin up resources. We helped by creating more self-serve platforms, and where physical assets are needed, moving assets on site. All of which makes it faster to provision to the right resource, and ultimately creates a more agile environment.

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