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Ensono Elevates Mainframe Operations for Fortitude Re’s Independent Venture

The Client

FortitudeRe is a multi-line reinsurance company that provides bespoke solutions for legacy Life & Annuity and Property & Casualty lines. ​

The Obstacles Faced

After separating from AIG, FortitudeRe faced the complex task of establishing its own IT operations. The reliance on an IBM z cloud mainframe was limiting their growth, prompting the need for a flexible IT framework that supported their application-first strategy without legacy entanglements.

The Journey

FortitudeRe turned to Ensono for a tailored Managed Hosting service, seeking a smooth transition away from their previous provider. Ensono’s approach was comprehensive, focusing on knowledge transfer and ensuring continuity in Mainframe application and data management.

The Outcomes Achieved

The collaboration led to substantial progress for Fortitude Re:

  • Completed a full mainframe migration in under five months, ahead of schedule.
  • Relocated mainframe operations seamlessly from Poughkeepsie to Downers Grove, with disaster recovery capabilities based in Omaha.
  • Adopted VTape Restoration at Ensono’s Omaha facility to bolster disaster recovery processes.
  • Evaluated and executed software standardization during the steady state for ongoing operational efficiency.
  • Ensono supplied all essential hardware and software services, maintaining continuous and uninterrupted service.

Technical Specifications

  • Hosted Production in Downers Grove and Disaster Recovery in Omaha, balancing efficiency with reliability.
  • Mainframe capacity set at 1400 MIPS to support robust processing needs.
  • Storage solutions include 4.7TB DASD and 100TB of Mainframe tape data, ensuring data security and availability.
  • Comprehensive software suite including Db2, CICS, MQ, JES3, RMM, DFSORT for optimal system integration.
  • Collaboration with leading ISVs (CA, IDP, LRS, Precisely) to maintain high service standards.

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