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Ensono doubles global business insight delivery provider’s storage capacity by three petabytes

The client

With offices on five continents – North and South America, Australia, Asia and Europe – our client owns the world’s largest commercial database, with information on over 240 million companies across 200 countries worldwide. 

The obstacles faced

Listed on the Fortune 500, and one of the first companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange, our client offers a wide range of solutions for risk and finance, operations and supply, and sales and marketing to some of the world’s most successful technology and service companies.

With operations running 24/7/365, our client provides more than 200 customized product offerings to a global customer client base whose business success is directly tied to the availability and performance of those customized product applications. 

The support infrastructure required to keep those 200+ products functioning optimally encompasses multiple support teams, across multiple platforms (towers), spanning multiple time zones and partitioned among multiple vendors. The quick identification, isolation and mitigation of negative performance impact on our client’s customized business applications are critical.

Our client needed to be able to quickly and effectively monitor and troubleshoot network and application performance problems. The lack of correlated visibility across the entire application delivery infrastructure often resulted in an increased Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR), especially true during triage scenarios involving multiple support teams from multiple vendors, working in silos to validate their individual areas of responsibility, using different tools that analyze separate data sources.  Frequently, an agreement on root cause of a given performance problem was not readily found.

The journey

Ensono recommended our client deploy an Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring solution in their core infrastructure in our managed data center. The AANPM solution provides an integrated view from multiple data sources, combining SNMP polling, flow analysis and IP packet analysis into a single, correlated, customizable interface.

Utilized by the Network, Server, Application and Database teams, the AANPM solution implemented provides near real-time statistics on correlated data in customized views, providing an end-to-end analysis of the full end user experience. 

By continuously monitoring and analyzing all zone-to-zone traffic on our client’s core infrastructure, the AANPM solution provides a learned Typical Performance Indicator (TPI) on currently 50+ highly critical applications defined by our client. 

Further, the AANPM solution provides a continuous, detailed breakdown of the defined traffic by domain, eliminating the frequent “finger-pointing,” and enabling the quick identification and isolation of performance bottlenecks to either Application Response Time (ART), Data Transfer Time (DTT), Network Round Trip (NRT), Client Connect Time (CCT) or Server Connect Time (SCT).

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The outcomes achieved

By partnering with Ensono, our client:

  • Now has a correlated, near real-time analysis of the performance of their most highly critical, customer-impacting applications utilized by their global end user community
  • Has the ability to quickly diagnose the cause of performance bottlenecks that could adversely affect End User Response Time (EURT) and the overall end user experience 
  • Has significantly lowered MTTR* by utilizing the AANPM solution’s continuous traffic analysis and domain breakdown to quickly isolate critical network and application traffic variances across the entire end-to-end application delivery infrastructure

As our client’s needs evolve, we continue to operate for today and optimize for tomorrow.

*Downtime costs: Mean average cost of data center downtime per minute—$7908; average reported downtime—86 minutes; mean average reported cost per incident—$690,204. 2013 Cost of Data Center Outages, Ponemon Institute.

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