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Emeria UK’s Transformation: 84% Carbon Cut & 22% Cost Savings with Cloud Migration

What we achieved together


carbon footprint reduction


cost savings

The Client

As the leading provider of real estate services and technologies, Emeria UK, through its premier residential property management arm FirstPort, is on a mission to redefine digital service in the residential property sector, making their properties not just buildings, but homes to be proud of. 

The Obstacles Faced

Post-merger growth led Emeria UK to a critical crossroads: their legacy data centers were aging, lacking the necessary agility, scale, and flexibility for their expansion plans. Coupled with the soaring costs of specialist talent, it became clear that a strategic pivot was essential, one that would harmonize their tech landscape with their bold business vision.

“Ensono helped us weigh up the options that would offer scale, sustainability and resilience for our business. We now have a clear path forward safe in the knowledge that we have the expertise we need to grow and deliver the best possible experience for our residents.”

Vikaas Younis – Director of IT, Emeria UK

The Journey

Understanding the intricacies of Emeria UK’s infrastructure was paramount. Ensono’s initial step, a Cloud Maturity Assessment, peeled back the layers of existing systems, setting the stage for a pivotal decision-making process. This comprehensive evaluation illuminated the pros and cons of upgrading the current on-premise setup versus a full-scale migration to the cloud, aiding Emeria in crafting a compelling business case for their stakeholders.

The decision was clear: for Emeria UK, particularly its property management division FirstPort, growth hinged on scalability, flexibility, and resilience. Ensono stepped up with a bespoke fully managed Azure service solution, tailored to meet these needs. This strategic move not only fortified their security but also infused the agility needed to adapt and thrive in a dynamic market.

The transformation was holistic, touching on critical areas like Business Services and Asset Management functions Mainstay and Campions, as well as the Lettings function. This shift allowed FirstPort’s team to pivot from operational tasks to strategic initiatives, leveraging the cloud’s power to facilitate smooth integration of future acquisitions via a sophisticated hub and spoke landing zone architecture.

The cloud journey heralded a significant reduction in Emeria UK’s Total Cost of Ownership for its IT infrastructure. Freed resources are now channelled into innovative projects, elevating service quality and maintenance standards across their properties. Emeria UK’s IT landscape has evolved, becoming more elegant and standardized, perfectly poised to scale in tandem with their growth aspirations. Moreover, this transition to Azure is set to slash their carbon footprint* dramatically, projecting an 84% reduction by year five, underscoring their commitment to environmental sustainability and operational excellence.

*compared to an on-premise data center

The Outcomes Achieved

  • Sustainability – Projected 84% reduction in carbon footprint over five years
  • Cost Efficiency: Anticipated 22% savings in total costs
  • Tech Evolution: Smooth transition out of two data centers into a robust Azure environment
  • Operational Flexibility: Established hub and spoke landing zones for streamlined tech integration.
  • Scalability: A resilient infrastructure that grows with Emeria’s ambitions.

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