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Delivering operational efficiencies with an agile audio search platform

What we achieved together


faster reporting


weeks deployment time


more time for employees to focus on high value activity


We can’t name this client, but they’re one of the world’s leading entertainment and media groups and the owners of a huge radio business.

The Obstacles Faced

Our client’s commercial team was spending hours on reporting admin, instead of building advertiser relationships.

The team was manually listening back to broadcast shows across several platforms and stations, searching for and logging advertiser mentions and saving every audio clip themselves. Each show was one to four hours long, and each mention was measured against agreed KPIs, such as peak hour listening, website traffic and sales.

Reporting had become expensive, pain staking and inefficient. This in turn distracted the commercial team from building advertiser relationships and securing further business. 

“We hit the ‘Go live’ button within 8 weeks. For a large entertainment firm like ourselves, it’s important for us to prove that our technology investments will deliver the expected ROI. The solution has more than halved the work required by our teams to search and compile promotional audio content examples for our clients; a massive improvement which allows our sales teams to focus on more value-add commercial opportunities.”

Head of Technology Strategy & Transformation, media sector client

The Journey

No vendor lock-in
Our client had a strong vision to digitally transform its processes from a simple log, record and search of each broadcasted show. They wanted a search-friendly, easy to manage platform that would use less storage and deliver cost and time effectiveness.

The company wanted to ensure that it was not being tied into one specific vendor so that it could benefit from ‘best-in-breed’ technologies.

As a platform and vendor agnostic cloud-native consultancy, Ensono was appointed to deliver the platform. We worked closely with our client’s in-house talent to build the new solution, ‘stitching’ together a number of software products and hosting it on AWS.

Highly scalable and secure
We advised using VoiceBase, an AI-powered voice analytics service. VoiceBase gave our client the ability to index, analyze and access advertiser mentions from every show across its huge network in minutes.

We integrated VoiceBase with Amazon Elasticsearch Service to deliver an easy to deploy, operate and scale platform for log analytics, full text search and application monitoring.

For each show transcribed by VoiceBase, Elasticsearch enables users to query the converted audio-to-text, read transcripts and download clips to send to advertisers in seconds.

Outcomes achieved

  • Rapid deployment: From idea to implementation, Ensono delivered a solution on time, on budget and with immediate results from ‘go live’
  • Streamlined processes: The solution has more than halved the work required by teams to search and compile promotional audio
  • Quick ROI: By reducing time spent on administrative tasks, the commercial team’s productivity and focus on the larger business strategy improved

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