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BSI takes full advantage of Azure for a flexible and secure customer experience

What we achieved together


reduction in incidents requiring intervention


regions deployed

The client

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the national standards body of the UK. BSI produces technical standards on a wide range of products and services and supplies certification services to organizations around the world, including the majority of businesses featuring in the FTSE 100, the Fortune 500 and the Nikkei.

The obstacles faced

In 2015, BSI was faced with an aging, increasingly unstable and problematic IT environment reaching end-of-life. They needed help to manage and deliver the major IT infrastructure transformation that would enable it to provide the best customer service and most relevant online user experience. Most recently, Ensono’s ongoing consultancy advice, guidance, support and commercial flexibility has led BSI to take full advantage of Azure in order to provide a flexible, always available yet secure online, self-service portal used by thousands of BSI customers.

The journey

Ensono worked in collaboration with partners to design and build the environment in Azure and to test, configure and deploy the application before taking the lead management, operational governance and support role. Next on the Azure production line is SharePoint 2016 for a more seamless, intuitive user experience and new features and functionality.

Ensono took their traditional architecture on premises and worked with BSI to build a data governance application to design their OpenShift. This Landing Zone will be deployed and managed by Ensono, including cloud generation firewalls (Network Virtual Appliances). The Landing Zone will follow a Hub and Spoke design architecture, with the Hub providing an isolated network for the Network Virtual Appliances. The spokes included in this design will be used to host an IBM OpenShift Container Platform. Ensono’s management responsibility for the spokes is limited to the Network and Security resources. BSI employed a third party, Mastech InfoTrellis, to deploy and manage the IBM OpenShift Container Platform on their behalf.

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