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Global insurance broker reduces costs by 75% while adhering to strict industry regulations

What we achieved together


reduction in client costs


month return on investment

The client

The client is a global insurance broker and actuarial business providing client services across People, Risk and Capital domains.

The obstacles faced

Under industry governance requirements, the client are required to retain large amounts of transactional data for long periods of time. The client identified a significant amount of this data resided on their mainframe and, whilst they needed to retain the data, there was little access and no transactions so using the mainframe simply as a repository was an expensive approach. The client needed to migrate its data archive and access application from the mainframe to reduce costs.

The journey

Ensono entered discussions with the client and determined a more effective approach would be to create a front-end application that could run in Azure, migrate the data into SQL Server and create a new environment for the legacy data allowing their mainframe to be shut down but retain effective access to the data as required by their regulators.

Upward facing view of Willis Tower in Chicago

The outcomes achieved

  • Mainframe to public cloud (Azure) migration 
  • Reduced client cost by 75% while providing business process and risk clarity  
  • Return on investment (ROI) 9 months after project completion

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