Managed Mainframe Services Separate Ensono’s Managed and Cloud Services
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

With a rebrand and several key acquisitions in the last several years, Ensono has built up a broad and geographically distributed set of managed services for IT infrastructure, including public cloud and, more uniquely, mainframe. With an advanced set of capabilities for mainframe, Ensono is supporting systems its competitors in the more cloud-focused arena might consider archaic or simply outside the scope of their capabilities. 

Ensono was recently featured in a 451 Research article on how our mainframe services are a critical component of our strategy for addressing evolving business needs of clients, and complement our broader set of modern IT services. 

Ensono collaborates with clients to deliver progressive IT solutions to help them operate their infrastructure for today and optimize it for tomorrow. We specialize in supporting mission-critical workloads for the world's most successful companies. Ensono works across all platforms – mainframe to cloud, and everything in between.