AWS Well Architected Review – What it is and how your business will benefit from the review?
Thursday, July 11, 2019

Anthony Hodson, Ensono AWS Solution Architect explains the AWS Well-Architected Framework, the benefits of the AWS-accredited practitioner-lead review program, and how Workloads are improved using the five Well-Architected pillars:

  • Security to reduce the risk of costly issues
  • Cost Optimization to avoid unnecessary spending
  • Reliability to keep your services up for your clients
  • Performance and Efficiency get the most of your Cloud resources
  • Operational Excellence enabling faster change with fewer issues

Watch this two minute video to understand the process, the people, and how Ensono unlock $5,000 of AWS Credit through Ensono’s free review program.

About the Author

Ensono collaborates with clients to deliver progressive IT solutions to help them operate their infrastructure for today and optimize it for tomorrow. We specialize in supporting mission-critical workloads for the world's most successful companies. Ensono works across all platforms – mainframe to cloud, and everything in between.