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The Future of Technology in Retail Report

Technology trends


Research from Ensono Digital and Auth0, across tech decision makers and consumers has emphasised the need for tech disruption in the future of retail—not just to keep ahead of the innovation curve, but to ensure business value and longevity in the sector.

The fact that businesses as a whole have been catapulted into new territory over the past 12–18 months is no secret. No sector was left unscathed or undisrupted by the impacts of the global pandemic. And, when combined with a host of geopolitical, environmental, logistical and economic sea changes too, the acceleration of trends has been even more pronounced.

For retail, this acceleration was simply unmanageable at times. We all knew the industry was heading in a direction of ecommerce; of more ethical value chains; of greener fulfilment; of personalisation. But to be propelled, overnight, into needing to optimise these factors yesterday, was too much for some to handle.

The significance of data, the battle between on and offline, the strive towards environmental social governance, meeting shoppers’ convenience demands, and the boardroom battle to ensure strategic success have all been brought into sharper focus as a result.

And it’s here, under these banners, that Ensono Digital and Auth0 look to uncover the pressure points, the demands being projected by consumers, and the investments that can help retailers keep ahead of the curve.

A survey of both 500 technology decision makers in retail, as well as just over 2000 nationally representative consumers, has shown that, among younger demographics in particular, the appetite for change has accelerated in tandem with the COVID-19 catalyst.

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