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The Secret to Inspiring Millennials in IT

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As Millennials join the workforce in record numbers, this generation’s unique values and motivators are transforming IT departments. Having grown up with the constant presence of technology in their lives, Millennials are naturally predisposed for success in IT fields. However, they view their work life quite differently than do previous generations, requiring IT managers to adopt a new, more Millennial-friendly management style.

To assist IT leaders in making this adjustment, we have published our latest white paper, “Culture Insight: Inspiring the Millennial Workforce.” In it you’ll find the secrets and challenges to attracting and engaging millennial associates in a mainframe-based IT environment. Highlights from the white paper include:

  • The ways Millennials are different from previous generations
  • Millennial perceptions of mainframes from Ensono’s own young associates
  • The truth behind the stereotypes from a leading recruiter
  • How to design a working environment that will attract and retain millennial associates

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