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Old Workhorse for New Tech – Mainframe In The Age Of Cloud, AI, And Blockchain: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

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For the 77% of organizations now prioritizing mainframe modernization, the Forrester study states that this cannot be done in a vacuum as 82% of respondents report that implementing DevOps is a critical or high priority. Evolution, it argues, must be part of a holistic hybrid strategy, leveraging cloud native technologies to infuse new energy into this old workhorse driving ROI and delivering agility across the IT organization.

Infusing New Energy To The Old Workhorse Infographic

Driven by DevOps best practices, today’s mainframes are a powerful catalyst for digital transformation. Indeed, more than 27% of respondents see the mainframe running next generation workloads like blockchain and containerized applications. Download Infographic

What are CIO’s planning for their mainframes in today’s world of mobile, blockchain, and AI?

In this short video, discover why a modernized mainframe is a viable powerful element of digital transformation.

Mainframe In The Age Of Cloud, AI, And Blockchain: a commissioned joint study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Ensono and Wipro, June 2019

Analyzing its growing impact on mainframe in today’s transformation strategies, this Forrester Opportunity Snapshot commissioned jointly by Ensono and Wipro, uncovers the DevOps and refactoring strategies driving evolution and value in the age of cloud, AI and blockchain.

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