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Washington State Mainframe as a Service Migration Project Progresses, Forecasting Savings of More Than $2.5M Annually

Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) partnered with Ensono to transition the current on-premise mainframe environment to Ensono’s cloud-based services. The contract was signed on March 2, 2020 by WaTech Director and State Chief Information Officer Jim Weaver.

Ensono has taken over operations of the current mainframe in Olympia and will migrate the state enterprise workloads (applications, databases and interfaces) to Ensono’s Data Center in Omaha, Nebraska in December.

“I’m pleased to announce that this project will deliver sustainable, cost-effective mainframe services and cut costs by more than 30% for most agency customers,” Jim Weaver said. “This will represent more than $2.5 million in annual savings for the state and agencies will be able to capture those savings in their budgets for the upcoming biennium.”

Ensono’s mainframe as a service (MFaaS) offering will enable WaTech to serve its state agencies and citizens with greater speed and efficiency. The new model will scale cost-effectively with agency utilization on the platform—agencies only pay for what they use.

For media inquiries, please contact Beth Burghgraef at: [email protected].

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